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How do you currently organise contactless access control?

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Managing an access control system can be very time-consuming. When a new system is implemented, the administrator must create many new cards and tags and a schedule must be drawn up to physically collect these cards at the office or reception.

In the meantime, there is no access to the premises as the old system is usually no longer operational. Also in case of lost cards and when registering new staff, visitors or suppliers, one always has to physically collect a card.

We believe in flexible contactless registration means and can send your key remotely at the push of a button. Ideal for business premises, recreation, hospitality, congresses and events.

In this article we tell you more about our contactless remote access control solutions. Use your mobile phone as an access card, send a QR code or even use facial recognition remotely. Of course, each scanner is also equipped with a card reader.

Mobile Card

Issuing and withdrawing a mobile access card is very simple. From your software environment, you immediately send an e-mail or SMS to the user to retrieve the mobile card. Because one uses one's own smartphone as a key, this reduces the risk of loss and maintenance costs when replacing access cards.

QR Code
Generate a QR code in our software. You can easily send this invitation by mail from our software environment. Open the mail and place the QR code under our scanner to gain direct access or to register time and attendance.

Face recognition
It is possible to register your face from a distance. By sending a selfie or uploading a photo, we can create a template for the access. Upon arrival, access is fast and contactless.

Create a PIN/Code in the software and send it via e-mail. A code can be created or blocked remotely from our cloud environment. Simply specify who, where and when is allowed to enter, and the code can be used immediately upon arrival.

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