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Meet the BioStation 3!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control and attendance, delivering a new access experience that enables enhanced security for all doors, for organizations of all sizes. This terminal is smaller than the previous model, but has the greatest variety of functions.

The BioStation 3 is easy to install and scale in any environment, from small offices to large commercial buildings. It has a 47% size reduction compared to the previous best-selling facial recognition terminal, the FaceStation F2.

The terminal offers several registration options. By default it is possible to register with face, mobile phone, card and code.

The BioStation 3 terminal's slim, compact design is compatible with any type of door. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, thanks to its robust IP65 and IK06 ratings.

Access control is made easy with BioStation 3: open the door contactless. Take a selfie for facial recognition or send a mobile card via email.
For visitors it is also possible to use the VoiP intercom with RTSP protocol. Speak to visitors easily and grant access at the push of a button.



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