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Options for access control at the gate

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Determining at the gate who has access to your business premises, car park, or holiday park is convenient and necessary in most cases. It saves you administrative work, and identifying oneself quickly without waiting or going through a complex protocol is also more suitable for your visitor.

From a 'smart living' viewpoint, opting for a fast and modern system for access control at the gate is convenient. A unique and personal identification (telephone, code, fingerprint, facial recognition) ensures that only you can open the gate and front home.

Various options exist for thorough, safe, and fast access control at the gate. Key management and all its inconveniences (losing keys, transferring keys, creating new keys when new people join your company) are a thing of the past. They are being replaced by solutions built for the digital age in which we live. In this blog article, you can read more about the various options for access control at the gate.

Open the gate with a mobile phone

These days most people carry a smartphone with them at all times. This device is a full-fledged pocket computer with many functionalities and computing power that we can no longer do without.

Modern mobile phones are, therefore, ideally suited for access control at the gate. Opening the gate with a mobile phone is done using a unique digital card linked to the device. The user presses a button and retrieves the digital card. Then, at the gate, he holds his mobile phone against the scanner, after which the gate opens, and the employee or visitor gains access to the site.

Is an employee leaving the company? Has someone lost their phone? Or are you terminating cooperation with a supplier? Then you can withdraw mobile access without any problems. This ensures the security of the access system.

Open the gate with an access code

Another option you can offer is opening the gate with an access code. In this case, it is a unique code linked to a specific person. The user receives the personal access code via text message or e-mail.

Open the gate with a license plate

It is also possible to use one’s license plate as a means of identification for opening the gate. This eliminates the need for a pass, card, code, or badge. After entering the gate, the visitor can immediately park their car. A camera equipped with license plate recognition software scans an entering license plate and checks if there’s any information about that plate in the database. Is there a match? Then the system opens the gate or barrier for the driver.

Open the gate with a QR code

The QR code has become very familiar. Various apps use QR codes, while we also use the codes, for example, to check the validity of tickets for events.

The QR code is also a handy and proven tool for opening the gate. For example, are you expecting a visitor or guest? Or does the roster indicate an employee will be at the gate at a specific time? Then you can send a QR code to them via email or text. The visitor holds that personal code against a scanner and then opens the gate.

Open the gate with a code

Opening the gate with a code is another possibility. A visitor, employee, or guest receives a unique code on their device (usually a smartphone) and can identify themselves at the touch of a button when they arrive at the location. Then, the gate opens, and the person in question has immediate access to the car park or any other facilities on the site for which they are authorized.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of access control at the gate?

As you can see, several ways exist to grant access to the right people to open gates quickly and securely. EasySecure is a recognized specialist in innovative, secure, and user-friendly access control solutions. We can also combine or expand them with time, attendance, visitor, and registration systems.

Would you like to know more about the options for access control at your gate(s)? And are you curious about what EasySecure has to offer? Visit our website and contact us at +31 (0)85 01500 00,, or via the contact form on our website.

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