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Osec, Suprema & Paxton

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Osec in Purmerend has become the distributor of Suprema, a manufacturer specialised in biometric solutions. This is announced by EasySecure, the importer. Director Werner Roest: "The cooperation is based on the added value that Osec offers its customers.

The combination between Paxton and Suprema is very successful in surrounding countries, says Werner Roest. The intention is to strengthen this cooperation with the help of Osec in the Netherlands as well. Richard Robert, sales manager at Osec says: "Synergy between the different brands Osec has in its portfolio is an important part of the added value we want to offer our customers. Besides using Suprema's biometric solutions, we like to think in practical combinations: The integration we can offer between BioConnect and Paxton Net2 software gives the user the opportunity to add biometrics to one of the most successful systems in access control, at the moment."

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