Our June Release - OSS Data on Card

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Every month there is a new release of our EasySecure Cloud platform and every month we add new features to your software environment. The software is also reviewed every month by our external quality assurance and security experts.

Read on to find out more about the new features of the software.

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Enjoy the new version!

The EasySecure Team

In this release..

EasySecure is a member of the OSS Association and we have integrated this technology into our cloud platform.

OSS is an open standard for electronic access control and provides a standard method for describing "data on card" systems.

This makes it possible for EasySecure to describe an access card and expand access control to include digital cylinders, door handles and lockers without any wiring whatsoever.

By using OSS, our platform is brand-independent and supports digital products from DOM, ASSA ABLOY, Uhlmann & Zacher and others.
In this release, we are adding several new features for our OSS Solution.

Simultaneously open doors & update cards

With this release we support the DOM AccessManager & OSS Updater. An online card reader for opening the door and updating an OSS Card simultaneously.

Expand your current access control system and operate more doors with your existing access cards and EasySecure Software.

The use of wireless lock technology, and of digital keys as an alternative to physical keys, has increased dramatically worldwide in recent years. This is not only because physical keys only guarantee minimal security. Digital keys are cost-effective, and in addition, wireless locks now offer the same features that were previously only available through wired doors, at much lower cost.

With the DOM AccessManager & OSS Updater, it is possible to equip exterior doors and other strategic points with an online card reader. When granting access, we also immediately update the card with other rights. For example, for access to the 1st and 2nd floor.

Do the rights change? The next time you access one of the online points, the access rights we have written to the card also change and we receive all the log data. The system remains continuously up-to-date and no wiring is required.

OSS Functions & Other Updates

What else is included in this update?

  • OSS – Toggle Cards. It is now possible to create special toggle cards to open or close doors. With the first placement, the door remains open and with the second placement, the door is closed again.
  • OSS – With this update, we support OSS Group IDs. This allows us to support even more OSS digital products within a single project. Now support up to 10,000's of digital doors in one platform.
  • ESWS – It is possible to send decimal cardsnumbers directly through our web service.  For integration partners it is now even easier to send card data to our cloud platform.
  • DOM Tapkey – The DOM Tapkey battery status is now also visible in our cloud platform when only using the cell phone. Through our mobile app, we send the battery data to our cloud platform.
  • USB Updater – It is now also possible to read Mifare Classic cards with our OSS USB Updater.

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