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Our March Release - Mobile App available now

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

EasySecure Cloud - Software Update & App Release - March 2023

Every month there is a new release of our EasySecure Cloud platform and every month we add new features to your software environment.  

You are receiving this newsletter because you use the EasySecure software. Read on below to learn more about the new functionalities in the software.

If there are any questions regarding this update, we will be happy to help you!

Enjoy the new release!
The team of EasySecure

In this release....

We are proud to present our EasySecure App! Download the EasySecure App and enjoy our user-friendly access control solutions.

Use the mobile phone to easily open doors or register time and attendance at the touch of a button. It is also possible to retrieve a unique access code or add a license plate to access the location.

When using our biometric solutions, it is possible to record and revoke DPIA consent. Upload a selfie to gain instant access. When consent is withdrawn, all data is deleted immediately.

Mobile Access Control, PIN & licence plate

One of the features in our brand new mobile app is opening DOM ENiQ and Tapkey digital solutions.

With EasySecure Mobile Access, you effortlessly use your own smartphone as a key to access buildings, rooms and doors.

The solution uses a mobile card that you can receive by e-mail. Users only need to press one button to retrieve the card and can then use their smartphone as a key. Safe, simple and personal.

Furthermore, it is possible to pick up a unique PIN code for access control and it is possible to add a license plate for easy access to the car park.

DPIA & Biometrie

Another feature in our brand new app is recording consent to register biometric data.

Consent is always given completely voluntarily. Besides facial recognition, access control is always possible with a card, chip or mobile phone.

If a user gives consent, they can take a selfie and gain immediate access using facial recognition technologies. The user is fully in control and can choose to use lightning-fast contactless recognition.

If the user withdraws their consent, the biometric templates are immediately removed!

And more updates....

  • Tapkey / DOM Key Improvements

    Several improvements have been made to the synchronisation between EasySecure and Tapkey. The whole process runs a lot smoother.
  • PMT Import

    A change has been made to our integration with PMT. For years, it has been possible to import and assign employees between different linked branches.

    It is now also possible to 'exempt' certain access groups from PMT synchronisation and allocate additional ones within the EasySecure Platform.
  • EasySecure Cloud - Branches

    Improvements to our 'branches' functionality. Our branches solution enables fully role-based management of hundreds of sites. In this update, we have made several UI improvements to further enhance usability.
  • Diverse bug fixes, UI improvements and security updates.

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