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Our November Release - Big plans for 2023

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

EasySecure Cloud - Software Release - November 2022


Every month there is a new release of our EasySecure Cloud platform and every month we add new features to your software environment. The software is also reviewed every month by our external quality assurance and security experts.

Read on to find out more about the new features of the software.


If you have any questions about this update, we will be happy to help you!


Enjoy the new version!

The EasySecure Team

In this release....

  • Several preparations for our 2023 update!
    * New Look & Feel
    * New API
    * EasySecure mobile app!

  • Config Tool – There is a new configuration tool available for Suprema devices. Within a matter of seconds you can now fully configure your Suprema devices. You can download the new configuration tool on our website.

  • Pepperr Integration – Expansion of our Pepperr integration. We now support reasons connected to our time registration keys. For example: this makes is possible to register and process smoking breaks and other activities within Pepperr.
  • Several bug fixes, UI improvements and security updates.

Coming soon....

Our November release is largely dedicated to some major updates in 2023!

Behind the scenes, the first version of our new restful API has been released and a look & feel is ready for the software.

We are also busy with the first version of the EasySecure app. At the beginning of 2023 we will release both our new layout, API and the mobile app. You can find a sneak peak of the future functionality below.

We are very much looking forward to 2023!

EasySecure Mobile App 2023

Early 2023 we will release the first version of our EasySecure Mobile App. We have big plans for the first release and the functionality in the future. The first release contains quite a few different features.

All users of the EasySecure Cloud platform can use the app on both iOS and Android. Below is a sneak peak of the available functionalities in the first version:

  • Mobile Access - Open DOM ENiQ producs and Tapkey products directly from the EasySecure app. Employees and guests can use all cardreaders, wireless cylinders, door handles and lockers directly from the EasySecure app. Safe and simple!

  • GDPR Compliancy - Biometrics are (usually) only allowed with the explicit consent of the user. Within the app you can now give and withdraw permission yourself. Adding biometrics is only possible once permission has been given. When permission is withdrawn, biometric templates are also immediately removed.

  • Take a selfie - Take a selfie or upload a photo from the app to activate facial recognition. Of course, permission must first be given in connection with GDPR compliance. After uploading a selfie, access is contactless and lightning fast.

  • Receive a unique access code - Open the app to receive your own unique access code. Use the access code on our keypads to easily access a location.

  • Add a license plate - Enter a license plate number to use with our license plate registration solution. Upon arrival, the barrier or gate opens immediately.

Look & Feel 2023

Managing access control, time registration, attendance and visitor registration should not and should not be a time-consuming job.

We believe in simple and intuitive software where you can determine who can enter where and when at the touch of a button, you can see who has entered where and all the necessary reports and integrations are available at the touch of a button has.

But it also needs to be easy on the eyes! In 2023 we will launch the new look and feel of our cloud platform. We are looking forward to it

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