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Our October Release - Integrations & Updates

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

EasySecure Cloud - Software Release- October 2022


Every month there is a new release of our EasySecure Cloud platform and every month we add new features to your software environment. The software is also reviewed every month by our external quality assurance and security experts.


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The EasySecure Team

In this release....

  • Keesing Integration - Various improvements in our Keesing Integration. With our Keesing integration it is possible to scan and diretctly transport passport information within your EasySecure cloud environment. With this update, the status of a user is changed immediately, for example if the passport has expired and access needs to be withdrawn.


  • Easy installation, suitable for installers - improvement when adding scanners foraccess control and time registration. Add multiple scanners in the EasySecure Cloud environment in one go. You can also discover new installers on our website.


  • PEP Balance Integration - An improved version of our PEP Balance Integration is now available. This version includes several refinements for importing employees from PEP Balance.


  • DOM Integration - New features for log data retrieval have been added in this release, we also provide further support for slave devices within the DOM product line for wireless cylinders, door handles and lockers.


  • Various bug fixes, user interface improvements and security updates.

Keesing Integration

Keesing Technologies offers advanced identity verification that allows to establish the true identity of a person anywhere in the world, protecting your business from fraud. Keesing's unique technologies are based on years of experience, extensive ID knowledge and the world's most comprehensive ID document database. In short, identity verification you can trust.


Keesing's passport scanners are integrated with EasySecure software. Simply check that the ID is valid and register the employee in EasySecure. We do not store the passport data itself. However, access expires automatically when the ID expires.

Videos with educational content

Would you like to learn more about our software? Or do you not know how to link a card, for example? Instruction videos are available for all functionalities of our software.  You can find the tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, in our Help Centre and, of course, by clicking on the blue help icon in your software environment.

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