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Our September Release - OSS, Online Time Registration, Tapkey

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

EasySecureCloud - Software Release - September 2022


Every month there is a new release of our EasySecure Cloud platform and every month we add new functionalities to your software environment. The software is also tested monthly by our external quality assurance and security parties.


If there are any questions regarding this update, we will be happy to answer them!


Enjoy the new release!

The team of EasySecure

In this release....


  • Online Time Registration - A new online time registration page is available. Register working hours easily through your browser with card, code or finger. Of course, all our standard integrations with planning and payroll software also work with this new webpage.

  • OSS Data on Card - Easily add all different OSS brands within our EasySecure Cloudplatform. Add hardware from DOM, Dormakaba, ASSA ABLOY, Deister and many more.

  • Tapkey Integration - Also the Tapkey product line is now integrated within our EasySecure platform. Now you can easily create mobile cards and connect Tapkey cylinders, door handles, lockers and card readers to our cloud environment. Your mobile is the key.

  • Improve Open Door Period - Automatically write the open door period to all connected scanners. For example, the door or gate will automatically open at 08:30 and close at17:00. By writing this data to the scanners, the door will remain open and closed even if the network or internet connection is lost.

  • Custom Email for Mobile Card - Set up a custom invitation within our cloud platform. Send a personal invitation to download our mobile card/ app for access control and time .

  • Various bug fixes, UI improvements and security updates.

EasySecureOSS / Data On Card


With OSS/Data on card, authorisation data is not stored in the digital products, but on something that all users carry with them: cards and tags. It fits perfectly in many situations, such as office doors, where an online solution is not possible or affordable.


Expand your current access control system and control more doors with your existing access cards and EasySecure software.


The use of wireless lock technology, and digital keys as an alternative to physical keys,has increased dramatically around the world in recent years. This is not only because physical keys guarantee only minimal security. Digital keys are cost-effective, and wireless locks now offer the same features previously only available via wired doors, at a much lower cost.


With our OSS / Data on Card solution, we describe the rights on an access card. Without any wiring at all, it is possible to use the card or tag on card readers, wireless door handles and wireless cylinders of various brands.


Our September release makes it possible to add all OSS brands with the push of a button. DOM, ASSA ABLOY, Dormakaba, Uhlmann & Zacher, Deister and many more. Flexible and brand-independent.

Online Time Registration


A new online time registration page is available. Register working hours easily via your browser with a card, code or finger.


The online time registration can replace or supplement our existing time registration clocks. Ideal for home workers who do want to register time, retail shops with only a few employees. The online time registration page provides low-threshold and time & attendance registration.


Of course, all our standard integrations also work with this new registration page. Automatically import your employees and send the time registration to your software package for planning and payrolling.


Check our marketplace for more information on all available integrations.

Tapkey Integration


Tapkey turns your smartphone into a secure key. In combination with locks suitable for Tapkey, you can use the app on your smartphone to open (shared) doors, offices, lockers, garages and cars.


It is now also possible to connect Tapkey devices to your EasySecure Cloud environment. Your mobile is the key.


Access control is now easier than ever!

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