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Opening the door by telephone

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Smart access systems and security are becoming increasingly important for companies. After all, many organisations have to deal with a growing number of people visiting their premises. These include part-timers, seasonal workers and freelancers, but also visitors, guests, external IT staff or caterers.

Moreover, people no longer always enter and leave buildings at fixed times in the age of hybrid work. People and businesses demand more flexibility and ease of use from access systems, without compromising security. In this blog article, we highlight a solution that is rapidly gaining popularity: the ability to open doors by phone.

Smartphone as digital key

The smartphone is increasingly becoming the digital equivalent of a Swiss army knife: we can do more and more with it. Listening to music, watching films, surfing the internet and even holding meetings - it's perfectly normal to fall back on our mobile phones for these purposes nowadays. So why not use this modern pocket computer to open doors, a function that is perfectly possible thanks to the bluetooth technology in modern smartphones.

By using the smartphone to grant access to buildings or rooms, the device actually turns into a digital key with which authorised people can enter and close the door again after leaving the room. Because the digital key is encrypted end-to-end (from sender to receiver) using the best encryption techniques, opening a door with a phone is just as safe as, for example, internet banking.

Has someone lost their smartphone? Then it is always possible to deactivate the digital key. This prevents anyone other than the owner from gaining access to a room or building. In this sense, opening a door with a smartphone is more secure than the traditional physical key.

The advantages of opening doors by telephone

Using a smartphone to open doors has several advantages, especially if you choose a solution from EasySecure.

No more hassle with keys

Key hassles are a thing of the past. Employees can no longer forget or lose their keys, while the management and board of your organisation do not have to keep track of who has keys to which rooms.

Easier to secure

Traditional access systems such as physical keys, cards, codes or magnetic cards are often difficult to secure. All these physical attributes are transferable and can therefore easily fall into the wrong hands. This is less of an issue with a mobile phone. Access codes are easy to encrypt, while the digital key on the device can be quickly and easily deactivated if the phone is stolen or lost.

Wide range of uses and applications

EasySecure's access systems for opening doors by mobile phone can be used for a wide and varied range of applications. Regulating who has access to your office environment and when? Let logistics staff easily open the gate of the warehouse when they are scheduled to arrive? Or open a gate or the front door as you drive up? It is all possible.

Integration with other systems

Solutions for opening doors by mobile phone can also be combined with other security and access solutions. Examples include camera, surveillance, alarm and home automation systems.

Less investment in hardware and cabling

EasySecure's software makes it possible to link mobile credentials to almost any type of card reader or scanner. This way, you increase the security of existing access control systems without having to invest in extra cabling or new hardware. The smartphone becomes the key to opening doors, but also the ideal tool for registering working hours and employee attendance.

More information

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