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Time registration and access control with your smartphone

Monday, October 24, 2022

Time and access control has many advantages for a variety of organisations. Proper time registration allows you to quickly and accurately track how long each employee has worked. You can also transfer this information easily to, for example, payroll administration. You benefit from fast accounting without ambiguities.

An excellent access control system ensures that you always see and know who enters a building or room. In the hotel and leisure industry, it also offers the opportunity to enhance hospitality by giving guests prompt and convenient access to their rooms, holiday homes and all available facilities. This way, long waiting times are definitely outdated.

Modern technology offers many possibilities to make time registration and access control progressively user-friendly and efficient. No more queuing to check in and out and no more tedious handling of physical keys. Instead, with EasySecure you can organise time registration and access control conveniently via mobile phone. Secure, simple and compatible for iPhone and Android phones.

How does the mobile time registration and access control work? 

With EasySecure Mobile Access, you can effortlessly use your own smartphone as a key to gain access to buildings, rooms and doors. The solution uses a mobile card that you can send to an employee via email or SMS. The user only needs to press a button to retrieve the card and can then use their smartphone as a key. It is also possible to block the mobile access card, for example if an employee's phone is lost or if someone leaves the company.

EasySecure even offers solutions (DOM LoQ) that allow the mobile phone to be used to open and lock safes and lockers. This way, the valuables of employees or guests are always kept secure. 

In the case of mobile time registration, the phone is the means by which staff clock in and out. They log in with their phone at the beginning and end of the working day, giving the HR department and department heads an instant overview of the number of hours worked. This information can then be fed directly into payroll accounting.

The advantages of mobile access control and time registration

Mobile access control and time registration have several advantages over more traditional registration and access systems. For example, consider the simplicity and speed of this solution. You no longer need to manually register hours or pass on keys when your shift ends and the next shift begins. In addition, making more keys for new employees is also a outdated. As it has become commonplace to carry your smartphone with you at all times, this is also an ideal access and registration tool. EasySecure Mobile Access supports both NFC and BLE, making it a suitable solution for iPhones and Android phones.

EasySecure mobile access control and time registration are also exceptionally secure. You decide who you grant access to and can quickly revoke the mobile access or registration option if required. By using your own smartphone as a reference, you reduce the risk of loss for your employees and the cost of replacing physical cards.

You also eliminate the security risks that can arise with lost or given away cards. 

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