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Time registration for the construction industry

Monday, December 12, 2022

Time and hour registration can be quite a challenge on construction sites. For instance, you are working with several people and partners on a project on site. Or several projects are running simultaneously, all requiring people and materials. In addition, in construction you have to deal with different demands for registering the hours of construction site employees (covered by the collective labour agreement for construction) and UTA staff.

In addition, each construction company naturally has its own, organisation-specific information needs in terms of time and hour registration. Think, for example, of project-specific information or whether or not travel time should be included in time registration. A good time registration system tailored to the needs and requirements of the construction industry makes life much easier for builders. Read all about it in this blog article and get to know the time registration solutions EasySecure provides.

Why time registration for the construction industry?

Time registration on construction sites is important for several reasons. First of all, it provides an overview. You can see exactly who has been on which construction site and when, and what hours someone has spent on which project. You can also immediately monitor whether hours have been effectively used and whether schedules correspond to the actual number of hours worked over a given period.

Of course, there is also a cost aspect. Good time registration makes it easier, for example, to deliver a construction project within the agreed budget because there are no unforeseen and unbudgeted man-hours. Moreover, a good time registration system ensures a more efficient and mostly error-free handling of the payroll process.

In practice, however, time registration is quite often seen as an annoying administrative burden. The reason often lies in the way the process is organised within an organisation. Think of paper timesheets or Excel sheets, solutions that are error-prone and require a lot of filling in and checking.Replacing writing with typing is not necessarily more efficient: even in the second case, checking and processing are not automated and time registration therefore still costs a lot of man hours.

Time registration in a modern style with EasySecure

Partly thanks to the arrival and steady advance of cloud technology, time registration can nowadays be a lot more efficient and largely location independent. EasySecure appreciates this and therefore has a time & attendance solution that perfectly meets the needs of modern construction companies. Read on for an overview of the functionalities you can count on when you outsource time registration for construction to EasySecure.

Relevant information tailored to your needs

Time registration from EasySecure allows users to setup a system of roles and access rights that ensures everyone receives the information relevant to them. For example, the construction supervisor sees how long a particular employee has been on site and can easily share that information with payroll.

Personal registration

Employees can register easily and in various ways. The mobile phone (often safer and more convenient than an access card, as one usually has the phone at hand and the device is less likely to get lost than a card), a QR code, card, access code and/or biometrics (face scan or fingerprint): it is all possible. Register start time, break(s) and end time.It is also possible to record times and hours worked per activity. This is obviously useful on a construction site, a place where many different activities take place.

Straightforward reports

You can view registered working hours in transparent reports. Working hours can be filtered by variables such as employee, construction site, agency or construction project.

GDPR proof

Construction companies must also comply with the GDPR when it comes to data and privacy protection. EasySecure's time registration software features a privacy menu. Here, you set retention periods for automatic and timely deletion of log data, but also receive automatic notifications about inactive users or registration resources.


A contemporary time registration solution is also easy to integrate with other systems and software you use. At EasySecure, you benefit from the standard availability of more than 100 integrations. Our time registration system, for example, is easy to link to various planning and remuneration packages. Especially for the construction industry, we offer time registration and access control as an integrated all-in-one solution.

Want to know more about time registration for the construction industry?

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