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Time registration for transport, industry and logistics

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The efficient scheduling of employees and insight into the hours they work are of great importance in sectors such as transport, industry and logistics. In these sectors, for example, companies often work with shift work and flexible employment contracts (on-call workers, seasonal workers). In addition, in the transport and logistics sector, it is of course important to plan routes so that an order reaches its intended recipient quickly and at a favourable cost.

Time registration used to be a largely manual job. Employees would fill in their time sheets or clock in and out manually, after which the personnel department would process the hours worked and assign them to the payroll administration.

Unfortunately, such time recording systems are often cumbersome and prone to errors. In this blog article, you can read how time registration for transport, industry and logistics can be more modern and more efficient.

Why time registration for transport, industry and logistics?

A good time registration system is indispensable for companies active in logistics or the industrial and logistics sector. After all, the data that the system registers forms the basis for remuneration and wages. A good digital time registration system therefore offers many advantages. We take a closer look at the most important benefits.

Lesser costs

Working with a digital time registration system for transport, industry and logistics saves costs. You automate time-consuming tasks that used to be done manually, which means that fewer man-hours are needed to handle the entire registration process, from clocking in to paying for the hours worked. With EasySecure you can start easily and grow into a fully automated system with the right control and approval mechanisms.

More control

In addition, there is more control. For example, the HR department can see how many hours an employee has been present, while a department manager can easily see how many hours have been made in his department. So there is never any ambiguity for the different managers.

Many options

Every company has its own preferences, also when it comes to time & attendance systems. By using time registration in the cloud, it is possible to create a tailor-made solution for your organisation. A digital clock system? Time registration with a smartphone, where the phone serves as a personal access card? Or rather a time registration system that uses biometrics? It is all possible.

The solutions of EasySecure

As an experienced and recognised specialist, EasySecure has various innovative and convenient solutions for time registration in transport, industry and logistics. Some of the possibilities.

Mobile phone as access card

Many of our solutions feature a finger reader, pin code reader, multi card reader, BLE and NFC. This makes it possible to use an employee's mobile phone as an access card. This way, you can always see when an employee arrives and departs and how many hours he or she spends on a day. They also have a huge memory in which you can store the data of 500,000 users.

Time clocks

You can also opt for a digital time clock. The BioStation 2 is fully IP65-rated and can therefore be placed outside in all weathers. Up to 500,000 users can use the device. In combination with the EasySecure software, the BioStation 2 is a perfect solution for your time registration. The BioStation A2 is a time registration terminal with a touch screen, PoE, fingerprint scanner, card and code table.

Face recognition

You can also use facial recognition for time recording in transport, industry or logistics. Our compact solutions guarantee unrivalled speed and accuracy. It is important to take the gdpr into account with facial recognition. Our specialists can advise on this. You can also take a look at our privacy page for more information about gdpr compliance.

Temporary employment agencies

With EasySecure's software, temporary employment agencies can register their own employees. This gives the agency control and takes a lot of work off the hands of the employer.

Seamless integrations

EasySecure's solutions and software integrate seamlessly with various other popular and widely used tools. Think for example of PayHours NG, eHours, Yoursoft, Ortec, Prometheus and Trimble/Fleethours. There is a good chance that we have already integrated with your current package.

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