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Time-saving systems for time registration and access control

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Implementing smart digital access control combined with time registration is a golden combination. It offers huge time savings over traditional locking systems and time registration methods. But that is not the only advantage.

In this blog, we sum up the benefits of this combination and look at several advanced systems both let you manage access control and time and attendance easily. Let's get started!

Digital access control & time registration: A golden combination

By integrating your complete access control into one comprehensive online management centre, you have maximum control over all access rights, doors and gates. Remotely. It allows you to control exactly who has access to which parts of your premises. Whatever your choice of access control systems, they can all be seamlessly integrated into EasySecure's online platform. This ensures that you have a total overview of your security layer at all times. Want to know who was in a particular room last night? Or do you want to give a visitor remote access rights? EasySecure makes it easy.

Your business processes become even more efficient when you combine access control with smart time registration solutions. Using advanced systems, this allows your employees to easily register their start time, end time and working hours per department or location. This gives you insight into both the presence of your employees and the actual hours worked per department.

Combination benefits at a glance

- It eliminates unnecessary and double actions

- It reduces the chances of working time fraud

- It simplifies and speeds up the process of payroll administration

- It gives you a complete overview of working hours and access dates

- You have insight into which colleague is where at any time

- It lets you manage remote access rights


Advanced systems for efficient time registration and access control

EasySecure's online platform lets you easily manage everything around access control and time registration remotely. But just as a traditional locking system needs a cylinder, it also needs a hardware component for both effective access control and time registration. EasySecure supplies several advanced hardware systems that can simultaneously serve as an access control device and time attendance device. In this case, the device that serves as access control is simultaneously used to record start and end times.

Do you also want to be able to record working hours by department? Then you can opt to install a separate time registration system in each department. The moment an employee changes departments, he simply has to scan his card or smartphone. EasySecure's software then automatically registers the hours worked in each department. So, you get a total overview of the hours worked per department and can easily process pay slips.

Instead of needing a physical key, access can be granted by having a card, QR code, smartphone or even your face scanned. This avoids the risk of key loss and all the consequences that come with it, while being faster and more secure. We list the different time and access control systems.

BioStation 3
Suprema's wonder child. Small in size, extremely versatile. Contactless opening with facial recognition, smartphone, QR scanner or RFID card. The BioStation 3 can be used both outdoors and indoors, making it suitable as an access control and time registration system.

X-Station 2
The ultimate all-rounder for various registration possibilities. Suitable for time and attendance registration. Can be opened with smartphone, card or code. 

FaceStation F2
This facial recognition terminal offers even more security through its anti-spoofing technology. By combining infrared and visual cameras with smart AI technology, you can be sure that unauthorised people will not enter. Can also be opened by smartphone, card or code.

Want to know more about our access control & time & attendance products in one? Click here for more information.

Safer, more efficient and easier

EasySecure is your partner for everything around security. Digitise your complete security layer and manage it easily online via our software. Want to work even more efficiently? Easily combine access control with time registration, attendance registration and visitor registration to save even more time.

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