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Visitor management for transport, industry and logistics

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Companies working in transport, industry and logistics often have to deal with external visitors. These include customers, suppliers and parcel delivery staff, but also employees of partner organisations or trainers and instructors who come to give a course or company training.

The visitor management is often the first moment these people get to know your organisation. And if something is important in the human experience, it is a good first impression. With a well-organised, public-friendly and efficient visitor registration system for transport, industry and logistics, you can be sure that that first impression will be successful.

More safety

A well-run visitor registration system is not only important for making a good impression on outside visitors to your company: it is also a way of ensuring security. After all, you know exactly who is or has been inside at any given time and which rooms these people are entering.

Many industries and transport companies still work with a standard paper registration form. Unfortunately, this is a rather cumbersome and not very visitor-friendly method. Visitors often have to fill in a whole series of details. Moreover, much of that information is already known within your organisation.

But a paper registration form also has its weaknesses when it comes to security. Often, anyone can see the details of previous visitors just by glancing at the paperwork lying on the counter. Moreover, there is a chance that such a paper form will eventually get lost, so that you no longer have a good historical overview of visitor flows.

Digital visitor management for transport, industry and logistics: the advantages

The good news is that there are now opportunities to make visitor registration for transport, industry and logistics more efficient and digital. EasySecure visitor management offers you the following advantages.

Complying with the Working Conditions Act

Registration of visitors is mandatory under the Working Conditions Act. EasySecure's software for digital visitor registration meets all requirements.

More insight

By keeping a digital record of visitors, you gain more insight into the presence and history of the visitors. The software saves everything in reports, making it easy to retrieve all data. So you always know exactly who visited your company, when and for what reason.

Registration portal

Our visitor management solution for transport, industry and logistics uses a pre-registration portal. This allows guests to add information before they arrive, for example, the reason for their visit. This is no longer necessary on a paper registration form at the reception desk. You can also personalise the registration portal. This applies to both the registration form and the (mobile) visitor cards.

Registering the visitor's license plate in advance

With EasySecure, you can register the visitor's license plate number in advance so that he or she can park easily and without any extra effort.

Contactless access

With EasySecure's software, it is also possible to give contactless access to visitors, customers, suppliers and parcel deliverers in advance of a visit, but also, for example, to employees of partner organisations or trainers and instructors coming to give a course or company training. This is an added value.

Give guests access to a meeting room, entrance door or other facilities before their visit, without having to visit the reception or counter first. How does this work? Visitors are given a pre-obtained, personalised mobile card, unique PIN or QR code, number plate or access with the guest's face. In the latter case, a personal photo is converted into a secure facial image. All these solutions contribute to a positive guest experience.

Visitor's pass

You have direct insight into which people are (or will be) coming at a certain time. This allows you to prepare a visitor's pass in advance. Handy, because the visitor then has to wait less time at the reception desk. Digital pre-registration also enables visitors to read the safety instructions or reserve a parking space before they arrive.


EasySecure's visitor management tool can be easily linked to our solutions for access control and time registration, attendance and project registration.

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