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What is access control for transport and logistics?

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

What is access control for transport and logistics?

Access control for transport and logistics is an important prerequisite for the safe and efficient control of processes in this dynamic sector. Industrial and logistics environments are, for example, capital-intensive due to the presence of many people, machines and large product inventories. In addition, they must also comply with increasingly stringent safety requirements and standards relating to product quality, stock management and data processing.

The transport and logistics sector also relies more and more on digital technology and automation to organise their business processes as well and efficiently as possible. In an increasingly digital environment, with rapidly changing shifts and workflows, good and user-friendly registration and control tools are absolute must-haves. In this blog article, we take a look at the possibilities and advantages of modern forms of access control in the transport and logistics industry.

What is access control for transport and logistics?

Access control for transport and logistics makes it possible to control which persons can or cannot access specific locations, buildings or rooms. Do you want to give a new employee or visitor access to the premises? Give an existing employee access to another location? To see how certain rooms are being used? Or know who is doing what in a certain location at a certain time?

Toegangscontrole voor transport en logistiek maakt het mogelijk om al deze zaken nauwkeurig in kaart te brengen. Het beheren van een toegangscontrole-systeem kan zeer tijdrovend zijn. Bij het in gebruik nemen van een nieuw systeem moet de beheerder bijvoorbeeld veel nieuwe kaarten en tags aanmaken. Bovendien moet u een schema opstellen om deze kaarten fysiek op te halen op kantoor of bij een receptie.

Thanks to EasySecure's innovative multicard readers, you can often keep the existing cards or drops already in circulation within the organisation. The various registration methods we offer can also be combined. A brief overview of the types of access control we offer for logistics and transport.

Mobile card

A mobile card is very easy to issue and withdraw. From your software environment, you immediately send an e-mail or text message to the user with which he or she can retrieve the mobile card. Using one's own smartphone as a key reduces the risk of loss and maintenance costs when replacing access cards.


Good software for access control in logistics and transport also makes it possible to generate a QR code. You send this code by e-mail to your employees. They then place the QR code under the scanner and gain direct access to a building or door.

Face recognition

It is also possible to register your face remotely. By sending a selfie or uploading a photo, the administrator can create a template for access. Upon arrival, access is fast, contactless and secure.


Een andere oplossing voor toegangscontrole is het gebruiken van een code. Die maakt u aan in de software en stuurt u naar medewerkers via de e-mail. Vanuit de cloudomgeving van EasySecure is het mogelijk om een code aan te maken of juist te blokkeren. Zo reguleert u eenvoudig wie waar en wanneer naar binnen mag. Geautoriseerde personen kunnen hun code direct bij aankomst gebruiken.

License plate registration

Licence registration is also a valuable option for access control in logistics and transport. Does a visitor show his/her registered license plate? Then the barrier will open automatically, for example, to allow the employee or guest access to the site.

The benefits of access control for transport and logistics

A good access control solution for transport and logistics has several advantages for your organisation and processes. We list the most important ones for you.


A good solution for perfecting access control gives you many options. Card readers, facial recognition, QR codes or finger scans; you choose the method of identification that best suits your business.

More control

You get more control and grip on all processes within the processing chain of transport and logistics, from storage to the final shipping and delivery moment.

Improved management

Modern access control solutions for transport and logistics usually run in the cloud. This makes it possible to manage different locations from one central location.


Link your access control to time registration for non-moving personnel and attendance. We have standard integrations with hundreds of parties. There is a good chance that your current HRM or planning and payroll package is already integrated with EasySecure.

The various software packages required within a transport organisation are thus seamlessly coordinated: no more duplicate entries, while the correct data automatically ends up in the correct software package.

Valuable insights

Modern forms of access control provide valuable insights and real-time analyses. This makes it possible to further perfect access policy and the use of buildings.

No hassle

Using digital tools for access control also means that the hassle with keys is a thing of the past. You no longer have to worry about someone losing their keys or about keys falling into the wrong hands.

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