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Suprema & EasySecure

For more than 15 year, the Suprema specialist

EasySecure is the Dutch expert in Suprema solutions. Since 2006, we have successfully delivered thousands of Suprema projects and built extensive expertise on all the possibilities that Suprema offers.
We are more than just a Suprema supplier. We are a knowledge partner that guides you to the best solution to ensure the safety of your organization.

The result? 
A fully integrated access and registration system suitable for any building, every door, and every user. Time and cost-saving, without compromising on safety. Experience maximum control while your visitor or employee enjoys super-fast access.

What we can help you with:
•Design and delivery of Suprema systems
•Maintenance and support
•Integration of Suprema products with other systems
•Specialized Suprema training, tailored to your organization

A specialized Suprema support team is ready every day to share their knowledge with you.

Looking for complete advice?
We help you. With our years of expertise, we know what your organization needs to ensure the safety of your organization, save time, and create an overview. From design to completion, we guide you every step of the way.


Suprema delivers security products for access & registration. From fingerprint scanners to facial recognizers. From outdoor and vandal-proof to indoor applications, the possibilities are endless. High-tech, efficient, and extremely safe. Easy to combine in one complete security plan. Easily controlled via the EasySecure platform.


EasySecure integrates your complete access system into one user-friendly platform. It is your control center for access, security, and time registration. Cloud-based and infinitely flexible. You decide which components you integrate into the EasySecure platform:

  • Access control & registration
  • Time registration
  • Attendance registration
  • Visitor registration

Since it's not dependent on one supplier, EasySecure always finds the ideal safety solution for your organization. A combination of license plate registration, time registration, and high-tech access systems that can be opened with a smartphone or your face? Grant and remove access rights with one click? EasySecure makes it possible.

More control, less time loss: The benefits

  • Every possible way to open doors in one platform
  • You choose the Suprema products, we integrate them into our platform
  • Easy to combine with our other time-saving solutions
  • Access right are shared directly over-the-air
  • Easy to integratie with external systems
  • No more hassle with physical keys
  • Always openable in different ways
  • Even applicable in extreme outdoor conditions
  • Multiple application in one terminal: from access to registration

Easy to integrate with other software

It can always be smarter. EasySecure makes it easy to integrate your current software with our platform. Automatically add new employees who get immediate access. Integrate with your HR or scheduling system to synchronize employee data. Or integrate with your PMS or reservation system to automatically grant access to upcoming guests.All with one goal: To take unnecessary work off your hands.

Suprema hardware: Access at a glance

Suprema offers a wide selection of products to guarantee the safety of your property and employees. Digital and fast. Both for access control and time and presence registration. Without the hassle of physical keys.

Suprema BioEntry W2

Suprema's lightning-fast finger scanner and card reader in one. Weather-resistant and vandal-proof. The perfect access control solution for outdoor applications.

Suprema BioEntry W2

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Suprema Biolite N2

The Biolite N2 offers access control and time registration in one. Can be opened with a code, fingerprint, smartphone, or card. Weather-resistant, vandal-proof, and equipped with RFID technology. The versatile solution for outdoor use.

Suprema BioLite N2

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Suprema BioStation 3

Suprema's prodigy. Small in size, extremely versatile. Can be opened contactless with face recognition, smartphone, QR scanner, or RFID card. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Looking for maximum efficiency? Then the Biostation 3 is the choice for you.

Suprema BioStation 3

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Suprema FaceLite

Suprema's most compact face recognition terminal. In addition to face recognition, it can also be opened with a smartphone, code, or card. Super-fast recognition, easily deployable.

Suprema FaceLite

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Suprema FaceStation 2

The FaceStation 2 is the fastest and most advanced face recognition terminal in the world. This lightning-fast terminal is suitable for access control, time registration, and presence registration, and can also be opened with a smartphone, code, or card.

Suprema FaceStation 2

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Suprema FaceStation F2

This face recognition terminal offers even more safety with its anti-spoofing technology. By combining infrared and visual cameras with smart AI technology, you can be sure that unauthorized persons do not enter. Can also be opened with a smartphone, fingerprint, card, or code.

Suprema FaceStation F2

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Suprema X-Station 2 (QR & Fingerprint) 

The ultimate all-rounder for various registration possibilities. Suitable for time and presence registration. Can be opened with a smartphone, card, or code. Also available in variants that support QR scanning or fingerprint recognition.

Suprema X-Station 2

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Suprema XPass 2

Compact, affordable, and effective. Can be opened with a smartphone or card. Weather-resistant and vandal-proof. Therefore, also applicable outdoor. The best choice for simple but effective access granting. Also available in a narrow variant or variant with code access.

Suprema XPass 2

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