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Access Systems & Access Control for leisure parks and hotels

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Access Systems & Access Control for leisure parks and hotels

Access systems are actually an integral part of our society and also play an important role in the recreational sector. In this blog, we will show you why access systems for recreational parks and hotels are a good investment. We also take a look at the possibilities that EasySecure has to offer.

Why access systems for leisure parks and hotels?

Good access systems for holiday parks and hotels increase the sense of security because you know for sure that not just anyone can enter a building or a car park. You decide who you grant access rights to, and keep an overview of who enters or leaves your holiday park or hotel. Modern access systems for holiday parks and hotels that run in the cloud can also be controlled remotely without any problems. The result? A total solution that not only maps who enters and leaves, but also shows how long people stay.

A visitor-friendly access system for leisure parks and hotels is also an ideal way to make a good first impression on your guests. Do you want to prevent guests from ending up in a long queue for the barrier when they arrive at the car park? And do you want to give them the opportunity to walk straight to their hotel room or house without having to fill in a mountain of paperwork at the reception? Then an access system is the answer.

Access systems for leisure parks and hotels with EasySecure

EasySecure offers various access systems for leisure parks and hotels. There is always a solution that fits your organisation like a shoe.

Mobile card

You can use a mobile card for both employees and guests. This is very easy to issue and withdraw. From your software environment, you immediately send an e-mail or text message to the user with which he or she can retrieve the mobile card. Using your own smartphone as a key reduces the risk of loss and maintenance costs when replacing access cards.


Good software for access control in leisure parks and hotels also allows you to generate a QR code. You send this via e-mail to your employees or guests. They then place the QR code under the scanner and gain direct access to a holiday park, event location or hotel room.

Face recognition

It is also possible to register your face remotely. By sending a selfie and uploading the photo, the administrator can create a template for access. Upon arrival, access is fast, contactless and secure.


Another solution for access control is the use of a code. You create this code in the software and send it to employees or guests via e-mail. From the EasySecure cloud environment, it is possible to create or block a code. This way, you can easily regulate who is allowed to enter where and when. Authorized persons can use their code immediately upon arrival.

Licence plate registration

Licence registration is also a valuable option for access control in the hotel or leisure sector. Does a visitor show his/her registered license plate? Then the barrier will open automatically to allow the employee or guest access to the car park of your hotel or holiday park. That saves a lot of time and is a sign of good hospitality.


The access systems of EasySecure are also easy to link to your website(s), reservation systems and also your (current) Customer/Guest Journey App. If the guest provides his or her accommodation details and/or license plate number, you can use the link between the reservation and access system to generate a QR code that will appear on an e-ticket, smartphone or recreation pass. This gives the guest quick access to his room or house. A friendly entrance that makes someone feel welcome right away!

EasySecure also provides seamless integrations with the well-known and necessary (software) parties within the hospitality and recreation sector (more than 80 reservation, PMS, HR, WFM, planning and payroll packages). We easily link our software to other software packages. For holiday parks and hotels, EasySecure integrates with various property management and planning systems, such as Booking Experts, Mews, Stratech and StayNTouch. Reservations come into our software automatically and mobile cards are created and sent automatically. This can save a lot of time at the counter. So you can effortlessly create a true contactless pre-check-in or late check-in.

The ultimate guest experience with mobile and contactless check-in

With EasySecure you offer guests contactless access to the holiday park or hotel, the booked holiday home or room and the park or hotel facilities without having to visit the reception desk. This is done with a unique pin- or QR-code, a license plate or access with the guest's face. In the latter case, a personal photo of the guest is converted into a secure facial image.

This form of access guarantees the ultimate guest experience.

  • The guests can, for example, go for a swim or use other facilities until their room or holiday home is ready.
  • They have the ability to open doors remotely and from any location.
  • We have developed a simple and cost-effective option for opening doors with a smartphone. This requires no further investment in cabling. Nor do you need any additional Wi-Fi gateway points in the house or mobile device.
  • Our solution turns the receptionist into a real host instead of an administrative desk clerk.

Quality and flexibility

With EasySecure's access systems, you are always assured of quality and flexibility. Our systems not only deliver high hardware quality (all-weather products), but are also tamperproof and burglar-resistant with SKG***, IP65, IP67 and IK08 standards.

More information

Are you looking for a customised access system for your holiday park or hotel? And do you want to use advanced software that lifts hospitality to a higher level? Then EasySecure is the right partner for you. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us without obligation by calling +31 85 015 0000 or emailing You can also fill in the contact form on our website.

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