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Access control card reader: how does it work, and what are the benefits?

Monday, June 26, 2023

The digital revolution means that we can organize more tasks and systems that used to require a lot of manual work in a smarter, more user-friendly, and safer way. An excellent example of this is access control. Where in the not-so-distant past, this required a lot of hassle with physical key management, modern forms of access control now make life easier and more pleasant for administrators and users.

There are various ways to set up access control systems. Consider, for example, access control with a mobile phone, badge, droplet, or fingerprint. One of the most popular options is card reader access control. So how does this form of access control work? And what are its benefits?

How does access control work with a card reader?

With access control with a card reader, an employee, visitor, or guest uses a digital access card as a key. This card is linked to a unique person's details (name, role, position). The access control system administrator determines who receives a card and issues it.

The card works with a special card reader to read the data linked to the card and its user. Although various card readers and card systems exist, most variants use RFID technology. The card reader reads the card by contacting the card's RFID chip (transponder). The distance required to make contact between the transponder and receiver varies: it can range from a few centimeters to tens of meters.

The system verifies the user's identity if an employee or visitor holds their card against the card reader. Is there a match? Then the gate or door opens.

What are the advantages of access control with a card reader?

Using a card reader for access control has several advantages. Let's take a look at the main pros.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Access control may be required both indoors and outdoors. In the first case, consider, for example, giving access to specific areas such as meeting rooms or archives. An example of outdoor use is opening a gate. Access control systems that you use outside must withstand a knock and a heavy rain or snow shower. The advantage of access control with a card reader is that many systems within this category are ideally suited for outdoor use.

Wide variety

The market for access control systems with a card reader is diverse. Many variants are available. Think of wide and narrow card readers and scanners that work with or without a code. In addition, many different combinations of brands and systems are possible, especially if you opt for a specialized party such as EasySecure.

Power supply via data cable

Our access control systems with a card reader use PoE (power over ethernet) technology for charging. This means that a data cable provides energy for the card reader. You only need to connect a device with one cable, namely the network cable.

Ease of use

Access control with a card reader ensures ease of use. Time-consuming key management (issue, collect, transfer, and replace keys, create new keys for new employees) is a thing of the past. The user, in turn, no longer has to wait at the gate or reception and gains faster and easier access to the desired areas or facilities. Most card reader systems are also quick and relatively easy to install.


Creating new maps is quick and easy. In addition, it is possible to issue temporary access cards for visitors or guests. This makes the system scalable and ensures that security grows smoothly with the growth of your organization.


An access control system with a card reader is easy to secure. For example, you can immediately block or revoke cards if someone loses their card or if an employee leaves your organization. Furthermore, in the event of theft or loss of a card, you do not have to replace the door cylinder.

Multi card reader

EasySecure's access control systems with a card reader use a multi-card reader. It can read different card types and supports various protocols. This gives you extra flexibility and freedom in choosing systems and hardware.

Types of card readers

There are two main categories of card readers: stand-alone card readers and integrated card readers. We briefly explain these two types.

Stand-alone card readers

This type of card reader usually consists of a digital cylinder or special electronics that you can integrate into the door fitting or a gate. Stand-alone card readers are called that way because they are separate systems that you can program individually. This access system is relatively easy to install and, therefore, quick to use. Replacing the cylinder or adjusting the door fittings is usually sufficient.

Integrated card readers

With a system with integrated card readers, you use a central system. You can program all card readers individually using centrally managed software. The significant advantage of such an integrated system is that you can easily link it to other solutions. Consider, for example, systems for visitor, time, or attendance registration.

Furthermore, a system with integrated card readers enables administrators to keep a very accurate record of who has opened a gate or a particular door at any time, anywhere on a site or in a building. So it’s safe and transparent!

Software in the cloud

Most modern access systems use card reader software in the cloud. That has several benefits. For example, you can give a user access to a specific door with a button. Very handy, especially for companies with multiple locations.

In addition, cloud software enables smooth integration with other systems. Consider, for example, solutions for time and visitor registration and making links with Azure AD or HR software to import and export employees in the cloud platform automatically. Links with many reservation, booking, and accounting packages are also easy to realize.

Finally, cloud software makes it easier to apply role-based and scalable access control remotely. You can manage access rights for one or more locations the way you want and quickly scale the number of users or sites without investing in additional hardware or physical keys. 

Access control systems with card reader

EasySecure's portfolio includes various access systems with card readers. Here’s an overview.

BioEntry W2

The BioEntry W2 is a lightning-fast fingerprint scanner you can also use for card or mobile phone registration. Due to its robust construction and IP67 rating, this scanner is very suitable for outdoor use and is vandal-proof. The scanner has a fingerprint and card reader. Up to 500,000 users can use the device. That makes the BioEntry W2 highly suitable for large companies.

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BioLite N2

The BioLite N2 has a fingerprint reader, pin code pad, and multi-card reader (which supports multiple card types). In addition, thanks to the built-in BLE and NFC technology, it is possible to use the mobile phone as an access card with this scanner. In addition to access control, the BioLite N2 can also be used for time and attendance registration. The scanner is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (IP67).

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BioStation 3

The BioStation 3 sets a high standard in access control and attendance registration due to its compact size and wide variety of functions. The BioStation 3 is easy to install and scale in any environment. So you can use it anywhere: from small offices to large commercial buildings. In addition, compared to the FaceStation F2, the BioStation is significantly smaller.

The terminal offers several registration options. By default, it is possible to register with a face scan, mobile phone, card, and code. The sleek, compact design of the BioStation 3 terminal suits any door type. Rugged IP65 and IK06 ratings mean this piece of hardware can hold its own indoors and outdoors.

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With the DOM-cylinders, you can quickly expand your system with doors and lockers you could not manage before. The DOM-cylinder meets all major security standards (VDS, SKG, IP, T90). Compliance with all European EN standards is, therefore, never a problem. The plug-and-play system offers optimum flexibility and ease of use. With ten different versions, we have a solution and fit for just about every door situation.

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DOM Guard and DOM Guard S

The DOM Guard and DOM Guard S combine design and durability with quick assembly. This robust door fitting is beautiful, has a long lifespan, and meets strict safety requirements.

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Do you want to integrate lockers or cabinets into your EasySecure software? No problem with the DOM LoQ. With the same card or tag, users can open the doors of the building and their lockers.

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The Suprema FaceLite is a compact terminal that provides optimal recognition functionality. The versatile FaceLite supports access control with facial recognition, the mobile phone, and a card or code.

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FaceStation 2

This lightning-fast facial recognition terminal excels in terms of speed and modernity. The advanced FaceStation 2 is suitable for access control, time registration, and attendance registration and also has a touchscreen and card reader. It can, therefore, also be used with a mobile phone, card, or code.

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FaceStation F2

The FaceStation F2 offers facial recognition indoors and outdoors. This super-fast terminal is suitable for access control and time and attendance registration. In addition to facial recognition, this versatile terminal supports registration by mobile phone, card, and code.

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FaceStation F2 - fingerprint scan

This is a variant of the FaceStation F2 that also supports fingerprint biometric access control. Furthermore, this terminal has all the functionalities and features of the 'regular' FaceStation F2.

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XPass 2 - Wide

The XPass 2 - Wide is a multi-card reader suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The scanner is IP67-rated and features PoE, BLE, and NFC technology. Therefore, using the mobile phone as an access card is no problem. The XPass 2 is available in 3 models: for mounting on a frame, on a flush-mounted box, and in a version with keypad and card reader.

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XPass 2 - Code

The XPass 2 - Code does and works the same as the Wide but adds the option to register with a code.

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XPass 2 - Small

This is a compact version of the XPass. Despite its slightly smaller size, this multi-card reader delivers all the features and benefits that characterize the XPass technology.

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