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Biometric access control: What is it and what are the advantages?

Friday, June 2, 2023

What is biometric access control and what are its benefits?

A sound access control system is essential for shops, logistics companies, hotels, and holiday parks. A good and modern access system ensures you see and know who enters a building or room. In addition, you give authorized persons easier and faster access to the right areas. The struggles with physical keys (keys that go missing, making new keys for new employees) also become a thing of the past with a contemporary form of access management.

When using an access control solution, you can use different registration systems. One of the options is biometric access. But what does biometric access control mean? We explain it in this blog article.

What is Biometric Access Control?

Every person has unique body characteristics. For example, no two people have the same fingerprint or face. Biometric access control is a form of access control that you perform based on body characteristics. Physical features such as a fingerprint, face, or iris are perfect access keys because they belong to a unique person and cannot be counterfeited. Moreover, in the case of biometric access control, someone can (hopefully) never lose their key because the key is a body part.

How does biometric access control work?

But how exactly does biometric access control work in practice? First, you scan one of the person's body parts, such as a fingerprint, the iris, handprint, face, or even the voice.

Then you save the biometric data in a database, or a digital map, for example. Does an authorized employee, visitor, or guest arrive at a gate, building, or space they want access to? Then a reader makes a new scan of the body part, and the device checks whether the data matches the identity information stored in the database or on the card.

The benefits of biometric access control

Using a good biometric access system provides companies with many benefits. We list the most important advantages of biometric access control.

High degree of security

Biometric access control guarantees a high level of security. Because every scan is unique, the chance of errors is nil. When reading, for example, a fingerprint or an iris, the computer system looks for several unique identification points. From this, the software generates a binary code stored in your system. Because the identification features are unique per person, a biometric access system makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to access a building, room, or site.

Another advantage of biometric access control is that access keys cannot fall into other people's hands since it is a body part. In addition, admission tickets can no longer be lost. Using two-factor authentication through a card and facial recognition is also possible.

Convenience and control

Biometric access control provides convenience and control. People always have what they need for access with them, such as their body parts and phone. Employees no longer have to remember access codes or check badges. Biometric access control also is highly innovative.


A good and modern biometric access system offers a lot of flexibility. For example, you can combine the technology with various forms of traditional access control, such as wireless controls with a card or mobile. In addition, you can combine physical access control with an intercom. After performing the biometric scan, you can speak to visitors via a VoIP intercom with RTSP protocol and give them access at the touch of a button. It is also possible to convert a photo into a face template to register someone in advance for access control.

An advantage of EasySecure's biometric access systems is that you can use all brands we support without problems. In addition, the systems are scalable and offer space for additional employee data. Meaning security grows organically as your business expands.

Biometric access control and the GDPR

But what about biometric access control and privacy protection? What does the GDPR say about this? The GDPR states that biometric control is only permitted if it is necessary from a security point of view and when someone gives you explicit permission to store and process their biometric data.

In addition, there must be freedom of choice. As an organization, you must offer employees, guests, or visitors one or more alternative identification methods in addition to biometric access control. For employees, a legal review is also required to determine whether biometrics are necessary and proportionate. Therefore, biometric access control is not to be taken lightly. Consultation with all parties involved and proper legal substantiation are needed.

However, EasySecure's software does not store fingerprints or facial images. The software only stores templates.

Biometric access systems

Do you still conclude that biometric access control is a reasonable and proportional solution for your organization? Then you can choose from various biometric access systems at EasySecure. Below, we will give you an overview.

BioEntry W2

The BioEntry W2 is a lightning-fast fingerprint scanner. In addition, it can be used for registration with a card or mobile phone. Due to its robust construction and IP67 rating, this scanner is vandal-proof and well-suited for outdoor use. The scanner has a finger and card reader. It is an excellent choice for large companies, as up to 500,000 people can use the BioEntry W2.

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BioLite N2

The BioLite N2 has a fingerprint reader, pin code pad, and multi-card reader (which therefore supports multiple card types). In addition, thanks to the built-in BLE and NFC technology, it is possible to use the mobile phone as an access card with this scanner. In addition to access control, the BioLite N2 can also be used for time and attendance registration. The scanner is robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP67).

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BioStation 3

A compact size and various functions characterize the BioStation 3. As a result, the device sets a new standard in access control and attendance registration. In addition, the BioStation 3 is easy to install and scale in any environment, from small offices to large corporate buildings.

The terminal offers several registration options. Standard options are registering with face, mobile phone, card, and code. The slim, compact design of the BioStation 3 terminal is compatible with any type of door. In addition, the terminal is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments thanks to its robust IP65 and IK06 ratings.

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The Suprema FaceLite is a remarkably compact terminal with optimal recognition functionalities. Benefit from excellent accuracy and virtually unparalleled matching qualities. The versatile FaceLite supports access control with facial recognition, the mobile phone, and a card or code.

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FaceStation 2

This lightning-fast facial recognition terminal is the fastest and most advanced. The FaceStation 2 is suitable for access control, time registration, and attendance registration and also has a touchscreen and a card reader. It is, therefore, also compatible with a mobile phone, card, or code.

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FaceStation F2

The FaceStation F2 offers facial recognition indoors and outdoors. This fast terminal is suitable for access control and time and attendance registration. In addition to facial recognition, registration with a mobile phone, card, and code is possible.

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FaceStation F2 - fingerprint scan

This is a variant of the FaceStation F2 that also allows fingerprint scanning. Furthermore, this terminal offers all the functionalities and features of the 'regular' FaceStation F2.

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