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Digitalisation and hospitality: these are the possibilities

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Although hospitality is, of course, an industry or business area in which the human touch is paramount, modern digital technology offers many possibilities for improving hospitality processes. They offer extra freedom of choice, but also possibilities to take the hospitality of your organisation to an even higher level. Read on to find out how and what EasySecure can do for you in the field of modern hospitality.

The basic principles of hospitality

The meaning of the word says it all: the aim of hospitality is to offer people a total experience that makes them feel immediately welcome and at ease in your hotel, holiday park, museum, restaurant or office.

Good hospitality is based on a number of principles.

  • Contributing to the success and well-being of others by helping them and providing smart, user-friendly solutions, great products or useful services.
  • Take responsibility. This means that you have the will and ability to anticipate guests' needs and wishes and respond in a problem-solving manner to possible difficulties encountered by guests.
  • Entering into dialogue and coming up with the best solutions on the basis of understanding and being understood.
  • Consideration. This means that you can put yourself in the shoes of guests and visitors and understand their expectations in terms of hospitality.
  • Knowledge. You know your field, but you are also curious about the guest and his or her wishes and vision.
  • Seeing the complete picture. This means that you have the ability to see yourself and your organisation through the eyes of the customer. You understand that you are part of the total hospitality picture and can act on that understanding.

Fast and hassle-free access

A visitor-friendly access control system is an ideal way to make a good first impression. Do you want to prevent guests from having to queue up for the barrier when they arrive at the car park? And do you want to give them the opportunity to go straight to their hotel room, cottage or table without having to fill in a mountain of paperwork at the reception? Then an access system from EasySecure is the answer.

Register the guest in your cloud environment and immediately send a mobile access card via e-mail. As soon as your visitor arrives, he or she can use a mobile card (keycard), QR code, finger scan, license plate number or facial profile (a personal photo is converted into a secure facial image) on the smartphone to gain access to a room, holiday cottage or the various facilities on a site or in a building. Because EasySecure's access control solutions are wireless, you do not need to invest in extra cabling or place extra Wi-Fi gateway points for automatic and contactless door opening.



Keeping a good attendance log is sometimes a duty in the hospitality industry, but it is always very handy anyway. Can you immediately see how many and which guests are present in a hotel, recreation park, at a conference or at a large outdoor event, so that you can quickly bring everyone to safety in the event of a calamity, for example? No problem at all with EasySecure.

From our well-organised and user-friendly platform, you can see which guests and employees are present in a park, office, hotel or conference building at the push of a button. The presence overview can be called up directly via computer, tablet or telephone. You can also focus this overview on one or more personal characteristics. Think, for example, of employees who have a First Aid or First Aid diploma.

Problem-free integration with other systems

A good hospitality experience is only possible if solutions for access and attendance registration work together seamlessly and are optimally connected to the rest of your digital infrastructure. Integration is therefore an essential spearhead for EasySecure. Our systems can therefore be effortlessly linked to various popular software packages that are frequently used for hospitality purposes. Think for example of Booking Experts, Mews, Stratech and StayNTouch.

Reservations come into our software automatically and mobile cards are created and sent automatically. This saves guests and staff a great deal of time at the counter. So you can effortlessly create a true contactless pre-check-in or late check-in. With EasySecure, access, time and attendance registration come together in one uniform, all-encompassing cloud solution.

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