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Electronic access control: What is it and what are the benefits?

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Although physical keys and locks have not disappeared everywhere, the world of access control is increasingly composed of electronics and digital solutions. This isn't surprising, as electronic access control is a system with many advantages in terms of flexibility, control, safety, ease of use, and management.

Are you curious about the benefits of electronic access management? And are you interested in the options for replacing the traditional physical key with an electronic alternative? Read on quickly!

What Is Electronic Access Control?

Electronic access control means you no longer use physical keys to grant access rights to employees, visitors, or guests to a location or space. Instead, you use electronic registration systems and access tokens (cards, codes, mobile phones). Rights are granted and revoked using special software running in the cloud.

The Advantages of Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control has several advantages over traditional key management. Here are the main ones:

Flexible Management in Time and Space

Electronic access control allows you to manage access rights flexibly, both in time and space. Do you want to grant visitors access rights only during a particular event? Should employees only enter a specific space at certain times? Or do you want to limit the access of employees or visitors to one or a few specific rooms?

None of this is a problem with electronic access control. Moreover, you can create or revoke access rights at the drop of a hat with an electronic system. Much easier than continually creating new keys or collecting them.

No More Lost Keys

Lost keys bring a lot of hassle. You must make new ones, but often also replace locks to eliminate the risk of misuse. With an electronic access control system, however, you can block a tag or door within seconds and quickly assign authorized persons a new tag or access code. Additionally, you can set automatic notifications to alert you if an unauthorized person tries to access a location or door.

Viewing History

An electronic access control system uses so-called logfiles (a history of events). This means that you can always read who has opened a door and when, providing an accurate and secure control mechanism.

Remote Management

An electronic access control system using cloud software can be effortlessly managed remotely. The manager is not bound by geographical boundaries and can manage access control across multiple locations from one central location.

Scalable and Adaptable

An electronic access control system is scalable. Quickly adding new people or access tokens like codes or digital cards? It's easy and only takes a few clicks. Access control software is also configurable, allowing you to effortlessly adapt the access control to your organization's specific needs.

More Hospitality

With electronic access control, you can grant someone access to a property or building before the person arrives on site. Especially for businesses in the recreation or hospitality industry, such as hotels and holiday parks, this is an excellent opportunity to elevate hospitality to a new level.

You can grant guests access rights to their room or holiday cottage and all the facilities in the hotel or on the holiday park grounds before they arrive. Guests no longer have to wait at the reception but can enjoy their well-deserved vacation from the moment they arrive.

Electronic Access Control: Available Identification Methods

Regarding available identification methods, electronic access control offers many options. You can choose from a diverse spectrum of identification methods, such as:

  • Mobile phone as an access pass? With a modern electronic access control system, it's possible! An authorized user retrieves a digital card, loads the virtual card onto their smartphone, and can use the device to gain access.
  • Access control with a finger. An employee or visitor with the right access rights places their finger on a scanner. It records the unique fingerprint and then opens the door or grants access rights.
  • Facial recognition is another biometric option. The user first registers a photo. You then put it in a database, where it serves as an identification means. If someone appears at an access gate or secure door, the system compares the image with the stored photo of the face, and the door opens if there's a match.
  • You can also send employees or visitors a QR code via email or SMS. By holding it against a scanner, someone opens the door and gains access to the appropriate room(s) or facilities.
  • Access control with a card is a system that uses a card reader that reads the card details via a chip. The data on the card is person-specific, ensuring that access control always occurs at the individual level.
  • You can also use a code. A visitor, employee, or guest receives a unique code on their device (usually a phone) and identifies themselves at the touch of a button when they arrive on site.
  • If you opt for access control with a license plate, visitors or employees can even gain access to a location without a card, code, or badge. A camera and license plate recognition software scan a stored license plate and compare it with the information about the license plate stored in your database.

Benefit from Electronic Access Control? EasySecure Can Help!

As a recognized specialist, EasySecure is fully versed in all elements of electronic access control. Convenience, user-friendliness, scalability, and safety are at the forefront of our software development. With us, you have the opportunity to put together an access control system that perfectly fits your needs. Ultimate flexibility!

Through our innovative cloud platform, electronic access control can be seamlessly integrated with high-quality solutions for electronic time, attendance, and visitor registration. In addition to the software, we provide top-tier hardware. The result of combining access control software, cloud, and the right hardware? A powerful all-in-one solution.

Would you like to know more about our access control software? And are you interested in what EasySecure can offer you in this field? Please visit our website and contact us at +31 (0)85 01500 00,, or through the contact form on our website.

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