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Access control software: what is it and how does it work?

Monday, July 10, 2023

A reliable access control system is a must-have in today's world. It enables you to secure physical access to buildings, spaces, or locations (such as construction sites) in a responsible and user-friendly manner, without the hassle of extensive administrative procedures. This effectively protects locations, people, and assets.

The beauty of access control systems is that they benefit from the technological drive for innovation that is transforming our modern society. Modern software provides increasing possibilities to configure access control in a smart way, creating advantages for both administrators and users. In this blog article, we will tell you more about the capabilities of access control software and the options offered by EasySecure in this regard.

The limitations of traditional key management

Many organizations still rely on physical or mechanical keys to manage access and lock doors. However, this approach has various limitations and pitfalls that are no longer suitable for the modern era. Let's briefly discuss the key issues.

Keys get lost

One of the main problems with key management is the risk of loss or theft. If someone loses their key or if a key is stolen, you have to replace the keys and, especially in the latter case, replace locks or cylinders to prevent misuse by malicious individuals. Particularly in large companies with extensive buildings and numerous keys, such an operation can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly.

Lack of activity overview

It is highly convenient and beneficial for security purposes to be able to trace who has been at a specific location or in a particular room at any given time. With a system that relies on physical keys, you do not have this overview.

Difficult administration

Within your organization, there may be individuals who require access to multiple locations and a large number of rooms. If you still use physical keys or separate cards for each location or room, that person will end up carrying an impractical bunch of keys or a wallet full of cards. Managing a large number of different keys or cards can also be a challenge in terms of remembering which key or card corresponds to which door.

Overview, security, and user-friendliness with the right access control software

If you want to streamline and optimize access control without compromising the security of the process, specialized access control software provides the solution. Let's delve into the many benefits of such a system.

Enhanced control, reduced risks

Access control software reduces risks. Employees no longer need to carry keys, eliminating the possibility of losing them. Instead, an authorized person, visitor, or guest is provided with access to multiple locations or rooms using a single card or digital access credential (such as a mobile phone, code, or biometric data). Anyone without a valid card, tag, or code simply cannot gain access and will be faced with a locked door.

Flexible access rights management

With good access control software, administrators have flexible control over user access rights. For example, you can grant all employees access to the main entrance of a building while restricting access to certain rooms (such as rooms containing sensitive documentation) to individuals with specific rights. With the right software, it is also easy to create access rights for new employees or revoke access rights for individuals leaving the company.

Various identification methods to choose from

Access control software offers flexibility by providing a diverse range of identification methods. Consider the following options:

  • Mobile phone: A device that we always have with us today. An authorized user only needs to press a button to retrieve the card and can then use their iPhone or Android phone to gain access.
Access control mobile phone

  • Fingerprint access control: An employee or visitor with the appropriate access rights places their finger on a scanner to register or open a door.
Access control fingerprint

  • Facial recognition: Another form of access control based on unique physical features is facial recognition. The user registers a photo, which is then stored in a database. When that person approaches an access gate or secured door, the system compares the image with the stored facial photo. If there is a match, the door opens.
Access control facial recognition
  • QR code access control: You can send the respective person or persons a QR code via email or SMS. The visitor or employee can hold the personalized code against a scanner, granting them access to the appropriate room(s) or facilities.
Access control QR-code

  • Card access control: This system utilizes a card reader that reads card data using a chip. The information on the card is personal, allowing for individual-level access control.
Access control card

  • Code-based access control: A visitor, employee, or guest receives a unique code on their device (usually a smartphone) and can identify themselves with a single press of a button when they arrive at the location.
  • License plate-based access control: By opting for access control based on license plates, a visitor or employee no longer needs a card, code, or badge. Equipped with license plate recognition software, a camera scans a stored license plate and compares it with the information stored in your database.

Manageable from anywhere, anytime

Modern access control software operates in the cloud, providing significant advantages in managing such a system. Administrators can check and update access rights for employees and visitors anytime, anywhere (adjusting, granting, or revoking access). This gives your organization optimal control over its access policies.

Enhanced hospitality

For businesses in the recreation or hospitality industry, access control software offers opportunities to enhance hospitality and provide an extra level of quality. You can grant guests access rights to their room or vacation home and all the facilities in a hotel or holiday park before they even arrive. Guests no longer need to wait at the reception; they can fully experience the ultimate holiday enjoyment from the moment they arrive!

EasySecure: The specialist in access control software

At EasySecure, we believe that access control software should be easy, user-friendly, scalable, and secure. That is why we offer you the freedom to create and configure an access control system that perfectly suits your needs. Whether it's access control using a mobile phone, card, QR code, fingerprint, or any other method, it's all possible.

Our solution is flexible, scalable, and easy to integrate. Through our innovative cloud platform, access control can be seamlessly integrated with time tracking, attendance registration, and visitor registration solutions. Furthermore, our solutions can be combined with various types of high-quality hardware, ensuring a powerful and comprehensive solution.

If you would like to learn more about our access control software and discover what EasySecure has to offer in this field, feel free to visit our website and contact us at +31 (0)85 01500 00,, or through the contact form on our website.

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