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Facial Recognition Access Control: Your Face as the Key

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Gaining access without carrying anything in your pocket – facial recognition makes it possible. This advanced technology links your face to your identity and access rights, with your face as the key.

But why would you want to implement facial recognition access control? In this blog, we delve into this advanced technology and highlight the benefits for you.

The Technology Behind Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses unique features of your face to verify your identity. This form of access provision is fully integrated into EasySecure's comprehensive platform. It offers administrators maximum control while allowing users to easily register for facial recognition through the app. The process works as follows:

1. Granting Access Rights

To grant access rights, you first take a selfie and give consent in the EasySecure app for the registration of biometric data. The administrator then easily registers you in the EasySecure platform and defines the access rights. If you wish to revoke your consent, no problem – you can do so at any time via the app, with all your data being immediately removed.

2. Facial Recognition Access Control

You have your face scanned by the Suprema device, which verifies your identity by identifying critical facial features, such as the location of your nose, eyes, and mouth in the image. It also considers the distance between your eyes, nose measurements, and other unique details. The system then compares these features with the selfie you previously captured.

3. Grant or Deny Access

Based on the gathered data and the comparison with the selfie you provided, the system determines whether to grant or deny access. If the scanned face matches the selfie, the system grants access; otherwise, access is denied.

Data Privacy at the Forefront

Facial recognition-based access requires your face to be visible, but it doesn't necessarily mean your selfie needs to be stored in the cloud or on a server.

With EasySecure's Template on Mobile & Template on Card, you can securely store biometric data on your own smartphone or key card, giving you full control over your data. An additional benefit is that this approach saves valuable server memory capacity.

The Benefits of Facial Recognition

Implementing facial recognition access control offers significant advantages. Here are some of them:

Maximum Security

Facial recognition is one of the most secure methods of access control. Unlike physical lock systems, where the loss of a key immediately compromises security, facial recognition eliminates this risk. Your face becomes your key.

Suprema's cutting-edge technology is so advanced that false positives and false negatives are virtually eliminated.

Furthermore, you can enhance security further by implementing multi-factor authentication, such as requiring an additional security code for access.

No Need to Carry Anything

One overlooked advantage of using your face as the key is that you don't need to carry a physical key or even your smartphone. It's the most user-friendly method of access control because you always have your key with you.

Lightning Fast

Suprema's facial recognition systems are lightning fast, quicker than accessing with a physical key or code. This makes it one of the most efficient access systems available.

Over 15 Years of Suprema Expertise

Suprema is a leader in facial recognition devices, and EasySecure is the premier Suprema knowledge partner in the Netherlands. Our specialized Suprema support team is available daily to guide you to the safest solution for your business.

Suprema's facial recognition devices can easily integrate into EasySecure's all-encompassing control system. Experience maximum control while your visitors or employees enjoy lightning-fast access. Combining facial recognition with other digital lock systems or equipment from other manufacturers? No problem. We ensure that your complete control system seamlessly integrates into our user-friendly platform.

Curious about how you can integrate facial recognition into your security system? Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Suprema Facial Recognition Devices

BioStation 3

Suprema's wonder child. Compact yet incredibly versatile. Can be accessed contactlessly through facial recognition, a smartphone, QR scanner, or RFID card. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and equipped with an intercom. If you're looking for maximum efficiency, BioStation 3 is the choice for you.

Read more about Suprema BioStation 3.


Suprema's most compact facial recognition terminal. In addition to facial recognition, it can be accessed with a smartphone, code, or card. Offers lightning-fast recognition and is easy to deploy.

Read more about Suprema FaceLite

FaceStation 2

The FaceStation 2 is the fastest and most advanced facial recognition terminal globally. This lightning-fast terminal is suitable for access control, time registration, and attendance registration and can also be accessed with a smartphone, code, or card.

Read more about FaceStation 2

FaceStation F2

This facial recognition terminal offers even more security with its anti-spoofing technology. By combining infrared and visual cameras with smart AI technology, you can be certain that unauthorized individuals won't gain access. It can also be accessed through a smartphone, fingerprint scan, card, or code.

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