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The power of access control with a QR code

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

You’ve probably already been introduced to the power of digital access control via a QR code. To have your ticket scanned at a concert, at the cinema or perhaps as proof of membership at your favorite gym. This modern method has everything you need to replace your current physical access control. Not only is it easier for users, but it also lets you manage your complete security digitally and remotely.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the power of QR codes as a method of access control. We tell you how it works and how you can use this technology to save time, money and frustration.

How does access control work with a QR code?

With Access control with a QR code, the access rights are linked to your personal data. Based on this data, a unique QR (quick response) code is created on your smartphone. The moment you hold this QR code against the QR reader, you get immediate access.

By applying QR codes, users no longer need to carry physical keys in their pockets. All you need is a smartphone. In addition, access control with QR codes is contactless, which reduces the risk of virus infections.

Why access control with QR code?

Compared to traditional physical locking systems, the advantages of access control with a QR code are great. We have listed them for you.

Easy digital and remote management

While managing physical locking systems is time-consuming and costly, access control via QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into EasySecure’s online control center. This lets you manage all facets of your access control online and remotely. By integrating with EasySecure, you can easily:

It is durable

Whereas physical systems require keys, access control with QR codes only requires your smartphone. Access control with QR is therefore one of the most sustainable forms of access control.

It is more efficient at all levels

QR codes can be created, shared, updated and revoked in seconds. Remotely, without the need for anyone to be physically present. It is therefore much more efficient than access control with physical keys or even passes.

This, coupled with the integration with EasySecure, ensures that you can give a visitor access at any time. Is it a one-off visit? Then you easily revoke access rights. As a result, you don’t need a receptionist to welcome your guests and your visitor doesn’t have to queue up to sign in. Win-win.

The convenience of QR codes: a case study

Camping de Kleine Wolf was already using EasySecure’s solutions to optimize the customer journey. For example, electronic locks and remote access rights allow guests to enter their accommodation directly without having to pass by reception. As access control for the swimming pool, de Kleine Wolf used EasySecure’s facial recognition, eliminating the need for wristbands. But to give their day guests easy access, they were looking for another solution.

Asa solution, EasySecure came up with QR code-based access. The moment guests register for day recreation from home, they immediately receive a QR code via e-mail. This code grants direct access to the park. Fast, contactless and cost saving.

Our QR code readers

Efficient access control comes from a combination of smart software and advanced hardware. EasySecure supplies both hardware and software. But where we developed our software ourselves, in the field of QR readers we work together with Suprema. The specialist in advanced access control equipment. In the field of QR readers, we supply the following hardware.

BioStation 3

Suprema’s prodigy. Small in size, extremely versatile. Contactless opening with facial recognition, smartphone, QR scanner or RFID card. Can be used both outdoors and indoors. Looking for maximum efficiency? Then the Biostation 3 is the choice for you.

X-station 2

The ultimate all-rounder for various registration possibilities. Suitable for time and attendance registration. Can be opened with smartphone, card or code. Also available in variants supporting QR scanning or fingerprint recognition.

The optimal solution for your organization

Granting access with QR codes is a lightning-fast and effective solution. But it is not always the best solution. Every organization is unique and therefore requires tailor-made advice. As experts in digital access control, we will help you find the optimal solution for your organization. Request a free consultation or call +31 (0)85 01500 00 for more information.

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