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Access Control as a Service: The Solution for Optimal Security

Monday, November 13, 2023

There's still a belief that a combination of traditional lock systems with physical keys is the best way to ensure the security of your property. Digital systems are often considered vulnerable to power outages, malfunctions, and even weather conditions.

However, modern digital lock systems swiftly debunk all these preconceptions. They provide the same level of physical security as traditional lock systems. Still, when integrated with a comprehensive software system, they offer significant advantages over traditional systems.

In this blog, we'll take you into the world of Access Control as a Service. All the benefits of traditional lock systems but smarter, faster, and more user-friendly. Let's dive in.

What is Access Control as a Service?

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) is a cloud-based security solution that integrates digital lock systems into a comprehensive online control center. While traditional security solutions often require physical actions to grant access rights, ACaaS systems handle this entirely digitally. All lock systems and access rights are easily managed within a single software platform. Granting and revoking access rights has never been easier. But that's not the only advantage of an ACaaS system. Let's outline the benefits.

1. Access Control as a Service systems are highly scalable

In a traditional security plan, physical keys are often limited and difficult to duplicate, while providing access rights in an ACaaS system is virtually unlimited. Your security plan seamlessly grows with your business or facility. Adding or removing access rights happens digitally and remotely. It's even possible to determine access on a per-door basis.

EasySecure even enables you to link the granting and revoking of access rights to your current software systems, from HR & ERP systems to your Active Directory, ensuring seamless integration. When using this integration capability, you can, for example, grant access rights to a new employee with a single click. When that employee leaves your company, access rights are automatically revoked at the end of their contract.

2. Easy to integrate with other security and business systems

Traditional security systems often consist of a combination of various physical lock systems. Access Control as a Service systems bring all possible security functionalities together in one user-friendly digital platform. 

If your unique organization requires a combination of various registration options, digital lock systems, and attendance registration, no problem. You can choose which components to integrate into the platform. 

EasySecure even offers the ability to combine products from different hardware suppliers, reducing dependence on a single vendor and allowing you to select the best solutions from different sources to optimize your organization's security.

3. It turns your phone into a key

You always carry your phone with you. It's your computer, credit card, camera, and communication device all in one. But with the help of Access Control as a Service platforms, it can now also become your access key, replacing physical keys, and even serving as a power source for battery-less digital lock systems  in some cases.

If you prefer a card or code, that's also an option. Most lock systems can be opened with a phone, code, or card. If you prefer high-tech solutions, Suprema's innovative products with facial recognition or fingerprint scanning may be the right match for your organization.

4. It saves time for both your organization and users

The larger your organization, the more administrative burden traditional lock systems create. Every key must be physically distributed and linked to a person. If a key is lost, your organization's security is compromised. If you have a visitor who needs one-time access, a physical lock system requires one of your employees to be on-site.

Access Control as a Service platforms removes this administrative burden and significantly reduces the time required. Access rights can be managed remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence to grant access.

5. It saves costs

Creating and managing an access control system requires time and money. An ACaaS platform eliminates this initial investment, as it is readily available with all data stored in the cloud.

But the cost savings go beyond avoiding the initial investment. The vast scalability of ACaaS systems allows for quick and easy addition of new users and access options, reducing costs.

The ultimate cost savings come from the efficiency an ACaaS system can provide. EasySecure offers the possibility to combine access control with time registration, attendance registration, and visitor registration. Integrating these solutions with your current software systems is the key to time and cost savings.

EasySecure: Your Comprehensive Digital Control Center

EasySecure is a fully integrated access and registration system suitable for any building, door, and user. It saves time and money without compromising on security. Experience maximum control while your visitors or employees enjoy fast access.

We are your knowledge partner for optimizing your security. You choose the hardware, and we ensure its integration into our user-friendly platform. Manage all your access options and access rights remotely.

Curious about how we can optimize your organization's security? Request a free consultation through the contact form or call +31 (0)85 01500 00.

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