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6 solutions for keyless locks

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Most organizations still use physical keys to ensure their security and grant access to employees, customers or tenants. Often out of ignorance that there are other solutions. Solutions that are so advanced these days that they make physical keys completely redundant. These solutions are not only more secure, they can also be managed digitally in EasySecure's comprehensive control center.

But why are these keyless door opening solutions safer? And why would you bother having your physical locks replaced with digital solutions? In this blog we describe the advantages of locks that can be opened digitally. And we give you 6 solutions to replace your physical keys.

The advantages of digital locks without keys

Using physical keys carries enormous risk. The moment one key is lost, your entire security is compromised. One lost key in the wrong hands can lead to theft and the enormous damage that comes with it.

Digital locking systems offer the same security as traditional locking systems. But if a card or tag is lost, you can delete the associated access rights at a glance. Online and remotely. Every digital locking system can be integrated into an Access Control as a Service platform (ACaaS) such as EasySecure.

The benefits of using an AcaaS platform are great. Let's list them:

1. Easily grant and remove remote access permissions

One-time visitor? With EasySecure you can quickly grant remote access rights. This means you don't have to be physically present, which saves time and money.

2. Can be connected to other security systems

Traditional locking systems with physical keys cannot be linked to other security systems. Digital locks do. By linking multiple security systems you increase the security level of your organization and maximize control. You can think of license plate registration, attendance registration or visitor registration.

3. It is extremely scalable

The administrative burden when using physical locking systems is often high, especially if your organization is growing rapidly. Having keys made is expensive and time-consuming. While the risk of key loss only increases with growth.

With EasySecure, a growing organization is no problem at all. Users are easy to add digitally and the number of cards or tags you can use is unlimited. Would you rather be completely key-free? With the EasySecure mobile app you can even open locking systems with your mobile phone.

Open door without key

Perhaps when you replace your physical locks, you immediately think of the effort it takes. But this isn't so bad. There are systems that allow you to effortlessly replace traditional cylinders with digital cylinders. Cable-free, without having to make complicated technical adjustments. The possibilities are numerous. We have listed a number of solutions for you:

iLOQ battery-free locking systems

iLOQ supplies unique digital locks and cylinders that can be directly integrated into EasySecure's comprehensive control center. Unique because they are battery-free. iLOQ locks can be opened via the kinetic insertion movement of special iLOQ keys. Or even with your smartphone.

iLOQ supplies two different systems in collaboration with EasySecure:

  1. iLOQ S5 cylinders that can be opened with a special iLOQ key
  2. iLOQ S50 cylinders that can be opened with a smartphone or special iLOQ key fob

DOM digital locking systems

DOM's plug & play concept guarantees that your traditional cylinder can be replaced at a glance with a digital cylinder from DOM. With the highest safety certifications, DOM guarantees the safety of your organization. DOM products are also easy to integrate and manage in EasySecure's platform. While iLOQ uses battery-free technology to open their cylinders, DOM's solutions work with batteries. You can choose from the following solutions:

  1. DOM ENiQ Guard door fitting that can be opened with a card or your smartphone.
  2. DOM cylinders on battery that can be opened with a card or your smartphone.

Suprema's advanced digital locking systems

Suprema offers a wide range of digital locking systems to replace your traditional system. From code terminal to finger scanners. From facial recognition systems to card readers, Suprema delivers. What Suprema does not supply, however, are digital cylinders that effortlessly replace your current cylinders. As a result, the installation of Suprema products requires more technical knowledge and time. But they compensate for this with an enormous versatility of solutions. We take two as examples:

  1. The BioEntry W2 is a compact fingerprint scanner, card reader and smartphone reader in one. Waterproof and vandal-proof, so ideal for outdoor use.
  2. The BioStation 3 is Suprema's most advanced product. Can be opened with your face, smartphone, card or code, but can also be used as a full-fledged intercom or door camera.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. But there is always one perfect solution for your organization. As experts in the field of digital access control, we are happy to help you find this. Request a free consultation or call +31 (0)85 01500 00 for more information.

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