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Access control and time registration: A golden combination

Monday, February 12, 2024

A modern security strategy starts with digital access control. By using access control as a service, you integrate all possible access paths directly into an online management environment. This gives you maximum remote control. But it can be even more efficient.

Combining digital access control with time registration gives you insight into your employees' working hours at any time. It lets you easily create pay slips based on actual hours worked. Want to know how many hours were worked in a specific department this month? EasySecure makes it instantly transparent.

In this blog, we briefly explain what access control and time registration entail. To then highlight the power of this combination with 5 concrete benefits. Let's dive in.

What is digital access control?

Access control is the first line of defence for businesses. It allows you to control exactly who has access to which parts of your premises. Remotely. Digital access control works with advanced systems such as card readers, face recognition systems and QR code scanners. Or a combination of different systems.

Whatever your set-up in terms of locking systems, they are all seamlessly integrated into EasySecure's comprehensive control centre. As a result, digital access control not only provides more security. It gives you maximum control in every moment, wherever you are.

What is time registration?

Time registration is an essential part of personnel management. Using advanced systems, your employees can easily record their start time, end time and working time by department. It not only gives you insight into employee attendance. It also gives you insight into the actual hours worked per department and per person. This greatly facilitates the process of payroll administration.

Automatic time registration minimises errors and reduces administrative burden by eliminating unnecessary operations. Therefore, organisations save a lot of time by applying digital time registration. Especially when it is linked to digital access control and integrated into EasySecure's online platform.

Digital access control and time registration: The power of the combination

Combining digital access control with time registration can save your organisation time, money and frustration. We list the benefits for you:

1. Clear registration

Digital access control ensures that only authorised people have access. You can even determine per person which areas within a building are accessible. By integrating access control with timekeeping, you have an overview of exactly when someone enters the building and starts working in a specific department. This leads to reliable data on hours worked per department, strengthens security and helps identify unusual activities.

2. Less hassle for your employees

Where organisations often still work with manual tracking of hours, time registration makes that completely unnecessary. Instead of manually entering how long and in which department you worked as an employee, you can simply check in and out per department to record your work.

3. Integrate with other business systems

Save even more time by integrating your other business systems with EasySecure. For example, by linking your HR software to EasySecure, you can have the system automatically grant access rights to your new employee. And automatically remove them again upon termination of employment.

4. Safer and less susceptible to fraud

By implementing the combination of access control and time registration, you reduce the risk of unauthorised access and working time fraud. This contributes to increased security of your organisation. And to more control over your organisational processes and activities.

5. Simple occupancy management

By gaining insight into the presence of employees at different locations within one or more buildings, organisations can optimise their use of space. For example, you will know at any moment whether a meeting room is free or occupied, and you will immediately know whether your colleague is present when asked by phone.

Our products for smart time registration

Manually tracking your hours is a thing of the past. Suprema's smart hardware, combined with EasySecure's software, saves considerable time and increases ease of use. These are the time registration systems we supply:

BioStation 3
Suprema's prodigy. Small in size, extremely versatile. Contactless opening with facial recognition, smartphone, QR scanner or RFID card. Can be used both outdoors and indoors. Looking for maximum efficiency? Then the Biostation 3 is the choice for you.

X-Station 2 (QR & finger scan)
The ultimate all-rounder for various registration possibilities. Suitable for time and attendance registration. Can be opened with smartphone, card or code. Also available in variants supporting QR scanning or fingerprint recognition.

FaceStation F2
This facial recognition terminal offers even more security through its anti-spoofing technology. By combining infrared and visual cameras with smart AI technology, you can be sure that unauthorised persons will not enter. Can also be opened by smartphone, finger scan, card or code.

Want to know more about our time registration products? Click here for more information.

Safer, more efficient and easier

EasySecure is your partner for everything around security. Digitise your complete security layer and manage it easily online via our software. Want to work even more efficiently? Easily combine access control with time registration, attendance registration and visitor registration to save even more time.

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