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Access control with camera: maximum security at a glance

Friday, February 9, 2024

Access control with cameras is gaining huge popularity, both in private use and in organisations. In many modern homes, the doorbell is directly linked to a camera, notifying the resident when someone is at the door. But cameras can also be used in organisations in various ways to increase both efficiency and security.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the different possibilities within access control with cameras. We introduce you to license plate registration and the power of facial recognition. And we show you how to save time, money and frustration by integrating your entire security with one online management platform.

Secure your premises with license plate registration

The first physical security layer of your organisation is often a gate or barrier. By equipping this layer with camera control, you significantly increase security, but you can go one step further in increasing security. By applying license plate registration, you can be sure that only authorised people can access your premises. And automatically keep unauthorised people out.

With license plate registration, the license plate is linked to a personal identity. The moment this license plate is scanned by the smart camera system, the gate or barrier opens automatically. The advantage of this system is that your employees do not need to dial in or even need a remote control or pass. How convenient.

The power of face recognition
The effectiveness of cameras does not stop at the gate or barrier. Cameras can be used as a control tool at every access point. Facial recognition is one of the fastest and most secure ways of access control. By registering your identity with a facial scan, Suprema's smart systems grant you access at lightning speed. Without you even having to carry anything in your pocket. Because your face is your key.

This is why facial recognition is increasingly used in organisations that put security first. But also, for example, at campsites, where guests are granted fast access to the swimming pool or indoor playground. Without first having to get wristbands or passes from reception.

Privacy first Implementing cameras
Implementing cameras in your security always brings privacy risks. To minimise these, we at EasySecure work with an app that allows users to give their own permission to share their data. And to also revoke it easily.

By uploading a selfie and granting permission yourself, your face is linked to your identity. Has the EasySecure administrator granted you access to a particular room? Then the facial recognition system grants you immediate access. Do you leave service or leave the campsite? Then your data is automatically deleted.

Online and remote management
Using cameras significantly increases your organisation's security. But increased security is not the only benefit. By integrating your access control into EasySecure's online management platform, you maximise control. How? We list a number of features for you:

- Grant and remove remote access rights New employee? Or a one-off visitor? With EasySecure, you easily register new people and determine access rights yourself. Online and remotely. So you never have to be physically present to grant access again.

- Integrate different access control solutions into one platform Does your organisation use license plate recognition? Face recognition? QR code scanners? Whatever your digital solution, EasySecure seamlessly integrates all possibilities into one comprehensive platform. So that you have full overview and maximum control in every moment.

- Link access control with various registration options for even more efficiency Saving time starts by optimising organisational processes and eliminating unnecessary actions. By linking digital access control to time registration, for example, you let employees easily register their hours worked per department. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of hours and makes your payroll more accurate than ever.

For more than 15 years the face recognition specialist Suprema is the leader in face recognition devices, EasySecure is the Suprema knowledge partner in the Netherlands. Every day, we have a specialised Suprema support team ready to guide you to the most secure solution for your business.

Suprema's facial recognition devices are easy to integrate into EasySecure's comprehensive control system. Experience maximum control, while your visitor or employee enjoys super-fast access. Combine facial recognition with other digital locking systems or devices from other manufacturers? No problem at all. We make sure your complete control system is seamlessly integrated into our user-friendly platform.

Wondering how to integrate facial recognition or license plate registration into your security system? Get in touch for a free consultation.

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