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4 Reasons to Switch from Physical Keys to Digital Access Control with Cards

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Physical locking systems are being overtaken by advanced technological locking systems. Not surprisingly, these systems are safer than traditional ones. But that's not the only advantage, as you'll read below.

Access Control with a Card

One of these modern methods of granting access is access control with a card. It allows users to quickly and easily open doors, while you monitor full control online. In this blog, we explain what access control with a card entails. We also give you 4 advantages of this modern method of access control compared to traditional locking systems.

What is Access Control with a Card?

The traditional use of physical keys for access has given way to more advanced and safer solutions, of which card access control is one. You can choose to equip your door with a wired digital card reader. Replacing your current cylinder with a digital cylinder or digital door hardware is also possible.

Access rights per person are linked to a unique card that replaces a physical key. When you hold the access card against the card reader, the system grants access immediately.

Since the system is digital, it's easy to manage on EasySecure's comprehensive software platform. By integrating all possible access options into this platform, you gain maximum control over your security. The platform allows you to easily grant and revoke access rights, online and remotely, saving a lot of time and costs.

The Advantages of Access Control with Card

Digital locking systems with cards have several important advantages compared to traditional locking systems. Let's list them.

1. It's Safer

With the loss of a physical key, your complete security is compromised. This is not the case with the loss of a card. You can easily remove the access rights of the associated person via the EasySecure platform, ensuring security remains intact. Additionally, you can restrict access to spaces and entire buildings at any time by adjusting or removing access rights.

2. It Saves Time and Money

Since card access control can be directly integrated into EasySecure's comprehensive platform, you save time and money. By linking EasySecure with your current software, new employees are immediately granted access rights. When an employee leaves the organization, their access rights are automatically removed. If someone needs one-time access to a building, you can easily grant this online, without being physically present to open the doors.

3. It's Infinitely Flexible

With traditional access control, you often need to exchange keys to be flexible. With an access control system linked to EasySecure's platform, you are in control. For example, you can decide that some spaces or locations are only accessible at certain times, or determine who gets access to each space. You manage everything online and remotely, allowing you to make adjustments at any moment.

4. It's Traceable

Since all access possibilities are integrated into EasySecure, you have a perfect view of the activity in your building. EasySecure enables you to track who, when, and where had access to a certain space or location. This can be useful for security purposes as well as for tracking attendance.

Time to Switch

The advantages are clear. Switching to digital access control with a card, linked to EasySecure's smart software saves time, money, and frustration. But how do you make the switch?

EasySecure helps you. We map your complete security to then create a detailed plan that perfectly fits your organization's needs. Applying card readers or digital cylinders combined with other digital locking systems or equipment from other manufacturers? No problem. We ensure that your complete control system is seamlessly integrated into our user-friendly platform.

Curious about how you can digitalize the security of your organization? Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Intelligent Card Readers

Because the hardware is integrated into EasySecure's platform, you can decide which combination fits your organization. We offer card readers from Suprema and digital cylinders from DOM and iLOQ. Each has its own unique characteristics, but all are directly operable via the EasySecure platform.

To learn more about one of our high-tech solutions, call us at +31 (0)85 01500 00 or contact us.

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