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The importance of digital access control for the vital infrastructure

Friday, April 26, 2024

Vital infrastructure is like an organ system that provides the Netherlands with power, clean water, efficient transport, healthcare and more. Without a well-functioning vital infrastructure, our basic needs would suffer. The safety of the various organs is therefore of great importance, because if one fails, it could have serious consequences for the entire country.

At the same time, the threat is increasing. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly effective in disrupting parts of society, while the physical security layer is compromised upon the loss of a physical key. Network operators, water boards and other vital agencies therefore benefit from modern security techniques. Techniques that integrate seamlessly with their organisational processes and increase both security and efficiency.

In this blog, we introduce you to EasySecure's smart solutions for vital infrastructure. We start by outlining the underlying issues, and then explain various solutions. Let's dive in!

Several locations under one roof

Authorities that enable and monitor the Netherlands' vital infrastructure often own a large number of "hubs" throughout the country. For instance, the Netherlands has six grid operators, each with their own transformer houses in different locations. Until now, these houses were often equipped with physical locking systems. But this brings a number of disadvantages. For instance, in case of an inspection or emergency, an employee must always be in possession of the relevant physical key. A trip to the office is often necessary for this. Does a key get lost? Then the entire security layer is compromised and the locking system has to be replaced.

Tightened safety standards

Due to the increasing risk of cybercrime, both the Dutch government and the European Union are tightening the level of security that government bodies must meet. For example, every agency must comply with the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO), which aims to increase the security of government agencies.

As vital infrastructure includes both physical and digital aspects, the NIS2 directive introduced in 2020 also has an impact on security. This directive aims to specifically increase resilience against cyber-attacks and thus also puts the focus on digital service providers.

EasySecure's smart solution for vital infrastructure

By integrating iLOQ's battery-free locking systems into EasySecure's comprehensive online control centre, we offer a solution that is both more secure, and more efficient. EasySecure allows different security solutions such as biometric identification, license plate registration and intercom capabilities to be integrated on one platform. Online and remote.

By linking EasySecure with iLOQ's battery-free locking systems, we avoid having to replace the batteries of transformer boxes, for example, every so often. At the same time, employees can be granted digital and remote access rights, giving them instant access to any location. This eliminates the risk of key loss, as access rights can be granted and removed by the administrator at any time.

Safer & more efficient

The time savings are enormous. Employees no longer have to pass by the office to pick up a key or be granted access rights. The moment they arrive at the location, they easily open it using energy from their smartphone. In addition, iLOQ's battery-free systems eliminate the need to set aside time to replace batteries.

EasySecure provides real-time 24/7 monitoring, allowing security incidents to be resolved quickly. It provides insight into access times per employee at each location at any time and shows who is live. With our ISO 27001 certification, you can rest assured that we safeguard your security and privacy. Is your organisation required to comply with NIS2 and BIO guidelines? Then we will help you comply.

In addition, EasySecure helps automate security processes, such as managing access rights, generating reports or detecting anomalous behaviour. New employee? Then it is even possible to have EasySecure automatically grant access rights.

Vital infrastructure is better protected than ever with EasySecure's smart solutions. Want to know more about our approach? Request a free consultation.

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