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Modern access systems on doors: From battery-free cylinders to facial recognition

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The options for access systems on doors have been limited for a long time. Physical locking systems with cylinders and keys have dominated for decades. No longer. The technological revolution has increased the number of access system solutions. These digital solutions eliminate the risk of key loss or theft which significantly increases security. And at the same time, they make access management many times more efficient.

In this blog, we list 4 different solutions for door access systems. We tell you the pros and cons of each application and share how you can save time and costs by integrating your access systems into EasySecure's online management centre. Let's get started!

The smallest change: digital access systems with cylinders

The access systems that most closely resemble the traditional combination of cylinder and key are digital locking systems with cylinders. These are available both battery-operated and battery-free and offer the same ease of use as traditional physical locking systems. But a little more. Because where traditional cylinders can only be opened with a key, these cylinders can easily be opened with your smartphone. Let's zoom in on 2 different solutions:

iLOQ battery-free access systems
iLOQ provides unique digital locks and cylinders. This is because they are battery-free and easy to open with the kinetic energy released by the insertion of special iLOQ keys. But it can be even simpler. Simply holding your smartphone against the cylinder gives the smart system enough power input to open the door. This makes iLOQ systems an ideal replacement for traditional cylinders with keys.

DOM digital access systems
Where iLOQ uses battery-free technology to open their cylinders, DOM's solutions are battery-operated. With the highest security certifications, DOM guarantees the security of your organisation. In addition, their smart plug-and-play concept ensures that your traditional cylinder is replaced by a digital DOM cylinder in the blink of an eye. DOM cylinders can be opened with a card or your smartphone.

High-tech, fast and secure: facial recognition

A few years ago, you only saw it in movies. Not anymore, as technology is evolving so fast that access systems based on facial recognition are now regularly deployed. Logical, as it is lightning fast, contactless and secure.

By first uploading a selfie in the EasySecure app and giving permission to share your biometric data, the facial recognition system instantly recognises you upon scanning. This automatically opens the door. Compared to card- or code-based access control, the advantage is that facial recognition eliminates the risk of theft. Another advantage is that you don't need to carry anything in your pocket. You can even leave your smartphone at home.

A downside of facial recognition is the relatively high cost involved. The price of these high-tech systems is significantly higher than that of other digital systems. And a power supply is needed, which also adds to the cost.

When it comes to face recognition systems, EasySecure works with Suprema, the leader in high-tech access control systems.

Simple and effective: access control with cards

Card-based access systems are a simple and effective alternative to a traditional cylinder and key combination. Both Suprema and DOM offer systems that can be opened with cards. The operation is simple. Your access rights are linked to a unique card and the moment you hold it against the card reader, the door opens.

The advantage over traditional systems is that access rights can be blocked immediately and remotely in case of theft, so your entire locking plan is not compromised. It is also many times more flexible thanks to its integration with EasySecure. For example, you can determine that some rooms or locations are only accessible at certain times. Or determine who gets access to what room. Complete management is done online and remotely, so you can make adjustments at any time.

Flexibility first: Access with QR codes

Whereas cards and digital keys still need to be physically handed out, this is not the case with QR codes. This makes this solution ideal for access control at concerts, cinemas and similar destinations. But QR code-based access can also be an effective alternative for one-off visitors to your organisation.

Access rights are easily granted via EasySecure's online platform, after which the authorised user receives a QR code on his smartphone. The moment he holds it against the QR scanner, the door opens.

Like facial recognition, access control based on QR codes is relatively more expensive. These Suprema systems also require a power supply. At the same time, though, it is an effective solution to grant visitors access once. Fast, contactless and remote.

Manage access votes on doors online and remotely

The biggest time savings come not from the locking systems themselves, but from seamless integration with EasySecure's online management centre. Whichever variety of solutions you choose, they can all be integrated. This allows you to manage your complete access management online and remotely.

Grant remote access rights, determine who has access to which room and add unlimited visitors or employees without having to create additional keys. That is the power of EasySecure.

Want to experience for yourself how we can make your access management safer, easier and more effective? Request a free consultation or call +31 (0)85 01500 00 for more information.

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