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Employee access control: discover the simplicity of these digital solutions

Saturday, February 3, 2024

The current technological revolution offers great opportunities for organizations to optimize their security levels. Without compromising on ease of use, quite the contrary. Digital locking systems, which can be seamlessly integrated with an online management platform, are much more user-friendly for your employees than traditional locking systems. While these intelligent locking systems are in place, they can help your organization save both time and money.

In this blog, we dive into the different solutions to optimize access control for your employees. We compare traditional ways of access control with modern solutions. And for each of these solutions, we list the advantages. So that you know what to look out for when choosing a solution.

The disadvantages of traditional access control

Many organizations still use traditional ways of access control. Often, a receptionist is present to open the door for visitors, after they announce themselves via an intercom or bell. Employees grant themselves access via physical keys, with a division into levels of access rights. This traditional form of access control has several drawbacks:

  • Security compromised in case of loss or theft

When a physical key is lost, the complete security is compromised and the entire key plan, including locks, must be replaced. The cost and time involved are considerable.

  • Someone should always be present
    A receptionist or staff member should be always present to receive visitors.

  • Lack of flexibility
    If an employee's access rights need to be changed, it immediately means the key has to be replaced. 

  • Lack of tracking capabilities

In the case of a security incident, it is not possible to see who has accessed a particular room at a specific time.

  • Cannot be integrated with other business systems
    Traditional locking systems cannot be linked to other business systems such as time recording or visitor registration. This causes unnecessary handling and wastes time.

One comprehensive digital control center for your complete security

Modern ways of access control can be integrated into smart software platforms, such as EasySecure. These not only help you increase security levels, but they also save your organization time and costs. How? We list the advantages over traditional locking systems:

  • Easily grant and remove remote access rights

With an Access Control as a Service system like EasySecure, you can easily grant and remove access rights remotely. If one of your employees at another site needs one-off access to a room, as an administrator you can grant it within seconds. Digitally and remotely.

  • Understanding security incidents

Because access rights are linked to the identity of your employees, you can see at any time who has been in which room at what time. This helps you prevent and resolve security incidents.

  • Easy to link with other security and business systems

EasySecure brings all possible security functionalities together in one comprehensive digital platform. For example, license plate registration can easily be combined with access control via QR codes and time registration. Whatever your unique requirement, EasySecure ensures that all solutions are easy to manage on one platform.

  • High degree of flexibility

Whereas if you lose a key, you must replace your entire locking plan, if you lose a pass or tag, you can immediately block access rights. In addition, providing access rights is unlimited. If your organization grows rapidly, your access control simply grows with it.

Quick and time-saving ways as employee access control

There are several solutions to replace your traditional way of access control. All these solutions are seamlessly integrated into EasySecure's digital platform and offer all the benefits that come with it. Yet, there are substantial differences between the solutions. Let us list them.

  1. Access based on facial recognition

Access control based on facial recognition offers the highest level of security. It is contactless and lightning fast. In addition, your employees do not need to carry a key or smartphone in their pockets to gain access.

  1. Access with a QR code

Access control based on QR codes is fast, effective and secure. Provided the QR code is changed daily or on an hourly basis. It is contactless and durable, as no keys are needed. QR code readers are also relatively pricey and require a power supply.

Looking for advanced QR readers or facial recognition devices? You can find our complete range here.

  1. Access with ILOQ's smart locking systems

ILOQ's digital locking systems work based on kinetic energy, so no batteries or cabling are needed. ILOQ locking systems can be opened both with a special ILOQ insert key and smartphone. This system is relatively affordable compared to QR code readers and face scanners.

  1. Access with cards

Card-based access control is another solution to replace traditional locking systems with keys. Although it is still physical object-based, it offers all the advantages of EasySecure's online management platform. Access rights are easily linked to a card and can also be revoked at any time. 

One of the advantages of card-based access is that your current cylinders can easily be replaced with battery-driven DOM cylinders. These offer all the benefits of EasySecure's management platform, while the cost of replacement is relatively low.

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